First Toyota Express Service (TES) introduced in India

Tuesday 17 December 2013, 11:54 AM by

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. launched the Toyota Express Service (TES) facility on 16th December 2013 at Galaxy Toyota, Rama Road in New Delhi. The new TES facility will be offering high quality services to the company's esteemed customers. Interestingly, this TES facility is first of its kind, which has been inaugurated by the auto company. Moreover, the company is now planning to set up TES outlets in other metropolitans with Bengaluru likely to be the next destination. The main aim of TES would be to primarily focus on quick services in line with EM60 (Express Maintenance 60) in an eco friendly environment for enhanced customers' experience.

First Toyota Express Service (TES) introduced in India |
First Toyota Express Service (TES) introduced in India

Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Toyota Kirloskar Motor, while inaugurating the new Galaxy Toyota Express Service outlet, reportedly said, “Given the importance of time, it is our aim is to provide the best quality services to our customers in the shortest time span through Toyota’s Express Services. We feel honoured by the loyalty of our customers and are committed to exceed their expectation at all times.”

As discussed above, TES boasts of a work flow around the well known EM60 concept. It revolves around total customer satisfaction and retention by ways of quick and on-time quality services. Key ideas that play a critical role include use of sophisticated equipment, synchronising processes, perfect ergonomics and eliminating stagnation. The best part of the TES outlet is that it caters specifically to needs of customers. As such, all visitors can relax at the facility while their cars get serviced by the expert workforce.

The new Galaxy Toyota Express Service facility is conveniently situated in the vicinity of a full fledged Toyota dealership. It is spread over an area of about 8,000 square feet and features 3 Express Maintenance bays. With new methodologies in place, this outlet can easily service about 35 units in a day. The auto company has also introduced the concept of Dry Washing technology at TES for cleaning the vehicle body. This is better than normal cleaning with only water and renders a better appearance to the serviced vehicles. The most important thing for customers here is that it comes at no additional cost.