Factors to consider before opting for Petrol, Diesel or CNG cars in India

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Purchasing a car is an important decision in life; on one hand, it reflects the choice of personal taste, style, while on the other, it is a huge economic responsibility. Also, buying cars is not a one-time investment, as you have to maintain the costs throughout the lifetime of the car. Here, a few correct decisions can make your life easier, as far as the financial aspects are concerned. Depending upon your personal requirements and the roads you follow, a choice should be made with respect to the fuel requirements. Whether you go for a petrol car, diesel one or a CNG, should be based on a number of important aspects.

Factors to consider before opting for Petrol, Diesel or CNG cars in India | CarTrade.com
Factors to consider before opting for Petrol, Diesel or CNG cars in India

The most important fact to consider is the frequency of usage of your car. There might be broadly, three classifications according to the frequency of usage. If you are a reclusive driver and only want to own the car and drive on seldom occasions, petrol car might be the best one for you. Statistically, in the Indian conditions, a petrol car is a sure option if you drive less than 500 kilometres a month. On the other hand if you are in for average driving, say for 500 to 1000 kilometres a month, CNG kits might be the best for you. For a little more, like of the range of 1200 to 1500 kilometres monthly, LPG options are the best suitable. The slight difference between the CNG and LPG models are the fact that LPG comes in a larger kit than CNG, which makes it a better choice for the moderate driving category. However, if you are looking for heavy driving options, it is best to go for diesel models, as that will give you the most economical option in the long run.

Considering the city or highway aspects, it is comparatively easier to decide. It is a known fact that most cars give a better mileage on highways as compared to cities. This is because of the fact that lesser clutch and gear shifts are involve on highways as compared to busy urban destinations. So, if you have to travel long distances on highways, it is best to go for diesel cars, which will come off better in the long run. If your car is a meant for a mix and match of city life as well as that on a highway, opting for a CNG or LPG model is best. However, if you are of the opinion to use your vehicle solely for within-city limits, it is best to go for a petrol variant. The two most important factors, which contribute to the option for fuel variants for your car, make up for the most of it. Choosing petrol, CNG or a diesel variant might be comparatively a lot easier, if you have the above mentioned points sorted.

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