Facelift Chevrolet Captiva launched in India

Friday 16 August 2013, 10:40 AM by

General Motors India, the well known American auto maker, has introduced a facelift model of Chevrolet Captiva in the Indian auto market. Reportedly, the reworked model launched in India is the same which was introduced in the Korea during early 2013. Sources close to the development process stated that the revamped model of Captiva is provided with just cosmetic changes at both interiors and exteriors.

Facelift Chevrolet Captiva launched in India | CarTrade.com
Facelift Chevrolet Captiva launched in India

Industry experts are of a view that a major change provided to the facelifted Captiva is the incorporation of a 6-speed manual transmission variant, which was earlier not present in the line-up. However, unlike the automatic version, the manual gearbox variant will have a rear wheel drive chassis. Interestingly, technical configuration of the recently introduced model has been kept same with the 2.2-litre diesel powertrain, which churns out a maximum power of 186 bhp along with a torque of up to 424 Nm.

The key highlights at exteriors of the new model include revised front fascia, which is clearly seem from its grille. Changes at the rear portion of car comprise new bumpers, new LED tail lamps, new 18-inch alloy wheels and reworked fog lights. Coming to interiors of the new Captiva, new upholstery has been provided which is not just comfortable but also enhance its looks. Other advancements of the model include an advanced infotainment system, heated rear seat and ambient lighting.

It must be noted that the American auto maker has kept the prices of both manual and automatic variants equal, which is quite astonishing for the industry experts. Moreover, the manual gearbox model has been provided with a two-wheel drive, other than the all wheel drive option which has been offered within the automatic version. Considering this scenario, keeping the price of both the variants same seems to be quite an aggressive move by the General Motors in India.