Ducati officially announces its re-entry in India market

Friday 13 December 2013, 11:35 AM by

There is rife news that Ducati is planning to re-enter the Indian auto market in 2014. This new journey follows after an official statement recently made by the company. This international premium two-wheeler brand entered the Indian market back is 2008, but could not captivate the advantage of an early initiative. So, through this move, the two-wheeler company is all set to take over operations and distribution from Precision Motors.

Ducati officially announces its re-entry in India market | CarTrade.com
Ducati officially announces its re-entry in India market

It must be noted that Precision Motors has so far acted as a local third party distributor for Ducati. It looked after the import and distribution network for Ducati. But, with the take over of various operations by Ducati simply means that onus of effective operations in the country will now solely lie with the auto maker itself. The company's goal with such measures is to sort out existing issues for getting a strong foothold in the Indian market. Also, many industry experts believe that this unanimous decision is more likely to resolve some of the prevalent unfavourable things like poor service , delay or non-delivery of motorbikes and other persistent issues that collectively hamper sales. In a nutshell, the endeavour will revive major halt in sales over the last few months and get better of shortcoming of its partners. However, having said that Precision Motors will continue to handle the company's affairs, it means that association of Ducati with Precision Motors will continue, but key roles undertaken by the auto maker itself. Notably, specific details are yet not revealed by the bike company.

Now, with rife news of a re-entry in the market, Ducati looks to be totally consumed by the thrill of burying shortcomings of the past and visions of a cheerful future. What can be termed as 'exhilarating exhibitionism', there seems to be no looking back, but only glorious good thereafter. As per the available information, the company is likely to start its operations in India by second quarter of 2014. Cristiano Silei, Vice President Sales and Marketing of Ducati, reportedly said, “We consider India an extremely important part of Ducati’s future global strategy and will strengthen our presence in the market with premium services and a larger network that will be in line with our global standards. Our entry into the Indian market is therefore a first step in this direction.” The comment depicts intense zeal, which in turn reflects the restlessness of the motorbike company to get hold of proceedings in the Indian market.

The bike company will be benefited with the fact that the popularity of motorbikes is rising gradually. In last year or so, it has gone up steeply for want of easy commuting and other closely associated features. The incorporation of new technologies have also contributed heavily in the rising popularity of bikes among customers and bike aficionados. To seal the discussed fate, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has given its stamp of authority by stating that 2013 has been good for luxury bikes as compared to 2012. Thus, the decision of Ducati can be seen as a much needed response to the growing demand of bikes with an aim to boost its global presence among world’s premium motorcycle makers.