CEAT and MTV Introduces Chase the Monsoon 2 Road Rage

Tuesday 12 August 2014, 12:57 PM by

CEAT, the leading manufacturer of tyres in India has joined hands with MTV, the entertainment channel to organise a one-of-its-kind road trip for the daring. Chase the Monsoon – the name of the biking trip has reached its second phase after its immense popularity in the previous year. Here, four groups set out on a 24-day long trip on bikes with a limited budget and the main target is to explore the variety of landscape, lifestyle and terrains of the country during the rainy season. There would be no fixed itinerary or travelling route but the journey will cover the driest to the wettest part of the country.

CEAT and MTV Introduces Chase the Monsoon 2 Road Rage | CarTrade.com
CEAT and MTV Introduces Chase the Monsoon 2 Road Rage

Various social media platforms ill cover the entire trip and daily updates will be posted on these platforms for public viewing. The points counter will be activated and be dependent upon the activity of the teams on the road and web. The team, which can host the maximum number of points will win this show and will get the ultimate biking gear as the winning prize. Each of the teams has been given a theme for the entire journey on which they will have to explore the various types in the country. The main aim is to bring to the masses, the indigenous lifestyle of the Indians and their wide variety in culture despite living in the same country. The team has been given the following names, Chase Blizzards, who will explore the variety of cuisine; Chase Cyclones, which will focus on the rich heritage of the nation; Chase Hurricanes, whose main target is to capture the wide variety and beauty of the nature; and Chase Typhoons, who will focus on the culture. Indeed, this is a unique collaboration of the leading tyre manufacturer and the entertainment channel to bring out the incredible unity in diversity in this huge nation.

The teams will also have to perform two types of tasks during the course of their trip. The first time, CEAT flag tasks, will be to collect CEAT flags from 12 cities starting from Bhuj to Cherrapunji, while delving into the local cultures, natural beauty, cuisine and heritage depending upon their themes. The Detour Tasks, where the teams will be notified about reaching a particular destination within the succeeding 48 hours to finish the task. The group that reaches earliest gets the maximum points. Here’s wishing all the teams the very best for their Chase the Monsoon trip.

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