Bike show EICMA celebrates 100 years of functioning

Tuesday 29 July 2014, 13:20 PM by

Popular bike show EICMA, which is based in Italy, is celebrating the completion of a century of proper functioning, which is quite some achievement. In order to make it more memorable, the firm has altered its name, changing it to Esposizione Mondiale del Motociclismo. This name, literally, can be translated into English as ‘The World Exhibition of Motorcycling’, thereby making it more of a global entity and conveying its pedigree. The logo of the company has also been redone to make it more motorcycle centric, thereby making it more appealing.

Bike show EICMA celebrates 100 years of functioning |
Bike show EICMA celebrates 100 years of functioning

There are many small events scheduled to be held in coming months, which will mark as a build up to the main one. The main celebratory event is going to take place at Fiera Milano from November 6 to November 9th. Among the novelties at the main event would be the ‘100 years of history towards the future’ project, which has been converted into a reality by the cooperation of the monthly, In Moto. According to reports, hundred candles will be lit at the event to represent firms that have displayed their products at this exhibition over the years. All pavilions at the event are going to feature a dedicated area for a company and will describe a specific model and the story that led to its success.

EICMA is one of the most popular bike shows in the world and has created a huge fan base for itself that transcends Italian boundaries, becoming a global event. It is seen by tabloids, industry people and manufacturers as a platform where they can display their own products and take a look at what rivals are doing, thereby exchanging views, opinions and ideas.

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