Bajaj Auto expected to hike prices

Saturday 28 September 2013, 12:13 PM by

With the depreciating value of rupee and falling economy, Bajaj Auto is expected to hike the prices of its motorcycle just like other companies. With its popular models like Pulsar, Discover, Avenger and Platina, Bajaj Auto has a strong position in the Indian auto market. High cost of inputs has left automobile companies with no other option but to raise prices of their offerings. Industry experts are of a view that the trend started by a number of car companies is now being followed in the two-wheeler segment as well.

Bajaj Auto expected to hike prices |
Bajaj Auto expected to hike prices

It must be noted that the automobile industry had been going through an all-time low phase since the past nine months and there has been no ray of hope that could bring things back to normal. For a while, in the month of August, there was a little improvement but a small increase in the sales could not help the industry to cope up with whole year's loss. It was just the two-wheeler market that was doing a little better than the rest of the sections but then, every segment is facing loss.

"It seems likely that we have to raise prices because commodity prices have gone up significantly, partly owing also to the way forex has moved," the Bajaj officials were quoted as saying. The exact increment in the prices has not been announced but it looks like, this festive season would bring increased price list in contrary to the discounts and schemes that flooded the market every year.

In the meanwhile, the auto maker also witnessed the loss of production at its Chakan facility, resulting in lower revenue. Industry experts believe that with the news stating an increase in prices just around the festive season, the condition for Bajaj Auto will further get worse.