Audi Approved Plus to start India operations soon

Saturday 04 June 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

Audi India, one of the fastest growing luxury car makers in the Indian market, has said that it is keen on offering its pre-owned cars in the Indian market. The company will be operating in used car business through its Audi Approved Plus programme.

In a recent statement, Anil Reddi, head of sales, Audi India, said, “We are evaluating the requirements and customer preferences for used cars, Audi Approved Plus, which is selling pre-owned cars in many countries, and is not yet there in India. It is likely to be introduced here this year or the next year.”

Primarily, Audi Approved Plus will be targeting buyers who want to upgrade to the luxury car segment. The company will be offering a range of used cars less than five years old. The vehicles will be rigorously tested by Audi engineers for making sure the fool-proof safety of the cars.