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3 Series
  • 43.6 - 62.9 L
    Ex-showroom Price ( Delhi )
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BMW 3 Series

There is someone out there on the roads this year that is all set to make the heads turn. It's the new BMW 3 Series that is planning to hit the Indian roads this year. If you are a buyer from the luxury car segment and have been waiting for the new extravagance on roads to pamper your senses, the new BMW 3 series is here to fulfill your wishes. The BMW 3 series and 5 series are all geared to re-define the luxury and performance.

BMW 3 Series -

The German car maker is all set to make a complete manufacturing foray into the Indian market and launch its 3 series and 5 series in India. The first batch of BMW 3 series will roll out from the plant in Chennai later this year. Currently the sedans and coupes are limited to offerings from only Mercedes Benz.

The price position for the 3 series and engine composition has not been officially announced, nevertheless, it is expected to fall in the price band of 20-32 lakh.

The First and The New…

The new variants of BMW series are expected to roll out in petrol as well diesel versions. The company is planning to appoint first 10 dealers in the top ten metros or important cities of India. The hunt has begun with dealers and signing of Mou's in Delhi and Chandigarh. Pune and Chennai are lined up next in the list of dealers.

The stylish, professional family sedan is all expected to be laden with all the pomp and show exclusives of a luxury sedan. The new BMW 3 series is highly acclaimed compact model with new engines, new designs, new suspensions, more rigid body structures, and many more features to gear up to re-define luxury.

Inside Out…

The new 3 series is available in 4 corporate colors of Sparkling Graphite, Black Sapphire, Titanium Silver and Monaco Blue. Currently, 320i, 325i and 320d models are expected to be available in India. The exteriors are command power with its silhouette design and its wedge shape express sporting dynamics. The wheels are star spoke style 155 and 158. Even when it is standing quietly, it reveals an elegance of its own.

You need not see the interiors with eyes to enjoy them. You can just recognize them by your touch and feel. The interiors speak of unmistakable quality and precise workmanship of upholstery. The steering wheel has firm grip and the instrument controls are well sculpted inside.

The iDrive system of the new BMW 3 series puts all the comforts at your fingertips including even the simple CD player. You can easily gaze through and enjoy the driving pleasures at ease as the Control System guides you through your driving. The engine wakes up to life with the press of a start/stop button.

BMW 3 Series

The Power under the Bonnet…

Both the petrol and diesel versions of BMW 3 series have 4 cylinder power units which lends the sedan its athletic capabilities. They also lend the fuel efficiency and power reserves. The diesel engine requires less than six liters of fuel to per 100 km and reaches maximum speed in 2000 rpm.

The low weight and high performance front axle delivers weight savings up to 30% compared to conventional steel construction. The unique feature of the 3 series is its Dynamic Control Stability that continuously monitors the acting forces on the sedan. This system prevents skidding of the vehicle as it subtly intervenes and applies the braking individual wheels. The 3 series suspension and damper system works equivocally on tarmac highway, uneven terrain or a cobbled lane. The dynamic sports driving can be experienced only from behind the steering wheel.

Goodbye to On Road Discomforts…

The perfect engine system, suspension design, anti-braking system all clubbed with electronic sensors offer the perfect active safety features. Maximum controls mean maximum safety even in the most demanding situations. Moreover, the six airbags, seatbelt tensioners, force limiters, BMW child seats deliver split second protection to the passengers.

More safety features are installed in the BMW doors which close with understated but reassuring sound. All the doors have unnoticeable cross bars which combined with strategically placed reinforcements and crumple zones offer unique safety to its occupants in case of an impact situation.

All this offered with BMW 3 series compliment unique passive safety features and make the vehicle one of the safest on the road.

Wave a good bye to flat tyres! The side wall reinforcement lets you travel another 150 km even after a puncture. This means more than that meets the eye! This means more boot space, less weight in the car and you don't need a spare tire unless you are on a long haul journey. This is not all! The TPI or Type Pressure Indicator also lets you know when the pressure falls and when you need to get it checked.

The Key to Information and Luxury…

You can call up your service status anytime. All the data related to your service and car status is stored in the car key which can be accessed by the BMW service partner during your next service appointment. The new 3 series is all set to compete with the big daddies of luxury car segment.

The company also reflects its confidence in the Indian market by setting up of assembly line and locating more dealers across the nation.

To drive any BMW 3 series means driving a good car with more prestige available at a very less price. Driving this luxury sedan is what is aptly termed as comfortable cruising.

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