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How to Buy a Used Car?

With the emergence of India as a global hub for small cars, there is a huge increase in the number of vehicles on-road. New cars are available with attractive offers, and so are used cars available at affordable prices. With increased choice and accessibility, first time buyers may face confusion In buying a car. In today’s article, we take a look at used cars. How should you buy a used

Mini Guide to Maintenance of Bikes

Many Two-Wheeler owners won’t be aware of the particulars of bike servicing and maintenance and may wonder if the mechanic was right in suggesting to replace some parts at particular usage. For new bikes, owner manuals are provided in which all details of the bike, maintenance schedules etc. are given. However, most of the time people would read it interestingly for half an hour or so

Buying a Car An Astrological Perspective

For many indians, astrology is an important point to consider when undertaking important decisions. and, as well as know, buying a car is one of life’s largest decisions. today shiva shankar, auto engineer and aspiring astrologist, takes a look at how astrology impacts the purchase of

How to Care for your Car in the Monsoon

With the onset of monsoon in india, a tough season starts for our cars. cars are exposed to severe conditions like rains, floods, falling of trees, etc. this manifests itself in the car through various means, such as denting of car body, water entering to engine compartment, affected interiors,

Fuel Efficiency - How to improve your car's mileage?

One of the most important considerations while buying or owning a car is the fuel efficiency or the mileage of that car. indeed, beyond the initial purchase price of the car, you are going to end up paying as much on the mileage of it. so indeed, the fuel efficiency is possibly the most important

LPG as fuel

LPG as fuel

To do or not to do? Over the last years, India has seen a strong growth in the usage of LPG in the automobile space. Both in manufacturer equipped models and kits, LPG as a car fuel is now in common use. Key drivers for the increased usage of LPG in cars have been a desire to reduce fuel costs, environmental considerations and a fundamental acceptance of LPG as a good alternative to petrol and

Electric Cars

Introduction Some people cannot drive a car without a music system. It is not just an accessory for them but an essential component of the car. Car buyers in India are quite enthusiastic about their car audio systems. This is especially true in case of youngsters who opt for different types of car audio systems and are picky of tweeters and woofers. Introduction to the Electric

Workings of the Two Stroke Engine

Workings of the Two Stroke Engine

If you use a rickshaw, you must have noticed that some rickshaws are labeled as two stroke engines, while some are labeled as four stroke. you may have even noticed that those rickshaws 'feel differently' from each other! today, shiva looks at the two stroke engine and explains how it

Petrol, Diesel, CNG or LPG? We help you choose!

Petrol, Diesel, CNG or LPG? We help you choose! Today I am writing about fuel types in India. As I explained last week, diesel and petrol are fuel types where the main difference is defined by the cost of operating. In today's article I will have a look at petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG. Which is better for what? And which should I choose? Though there are alternative fuels like bio-gas

Petrol vs. Diesel Which Should I Choose?

India is one of the biggest markets for diesel cars. most of the people prefer diesel engines over petrol ones in this country. why so? the debate between petrol and diesel engines is as old as the engines themselves. basically, both engines have their own specialties and anyone opting for either

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