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  • Steve Jobs And His Mercedes Sl Class

    The late Steve Jobs was a special human being. He was the rare kind of men, who could successfully lay claim to have singlehandedly revolutionized the way the world communicated & interacted with each other. Gifted inventor, talented business man, and above all, a truly special being who touched our lives and changed the way we lived, forever. Apple, his creation & his legacy, will

  • Mercedes Benz Car-To-X Communication

    The Mercedes E-Class is considered to be among the top-ranked luxury executive sedans in the world. The success it has tasted in practically every market that it is sold in, has resulted in bumper profits for the manufacturer and remains to this day, a critical model in the company’s line-up. Mercedes benz car-to-x communication The E-Class has always considered

  • Saif Ali Khans Mercedes Benz E Class

    Actor, Producer, Royalty - Saif Ali Khan is a persona that needs no introduction to those who follow the silver screen. The acclaimed Bollywood star has won accolades for his appearances on the screen over the years that he’s been involved with Bollywood. The award boards too have agreed with the fans, as the actor has gone on to win a National Film Award as well as multiple Filmfare

  • Kareena Kapoor Owns Mercedes Benz S-Class

    Acclaimed actress, Kareena Kapoor has carved out a name for herself in the cut-throat world of Bollywood. Adored by people across the country & the rest of the world, she’s essayed many a difficult role with consummate ease. Versatility is her forte, and she’s played it all, from a demure, shy girl caught in a difficult time, to a loud, brat who’s got not a care in the

  • Priyanka Chopras Mercedes S Class

    Priyanka Chopra’s mercurial journey from winning a beauty queen to one of the top grossers in Bollywood has been the stuff that tinsel-town dreams are made off. The spunky actress has essayed a wide range of roles throughout her film career. She’s even made a mark overseas, in the US market, where she’s now a regular fixture of television & Hollywood

  • Aamir Khans Mercedes Benz S600

    It is quite a rarefied world out there, especially when one is among the elite of their game. There are plenty waiting & trying all sorts of things to hack you down from your success. They fail to see the efforts & the sacrifice that goes into it, choosing only to focus on the trappings of power that comes with the position at the top. Bollywood as an industry is no different to this

  • Vivek Oberoi And His Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

    Actor Vivek Oberoi holds a reputation for being an automobile freak and owns a number of sports and luxury cars. However, the one we are discussing here happens to be one of the most special celebrity cars much admired for its beautiful looks and striking features. The Mercedes ML-Class is a super powerful SUV that is admired across the globe for its off-road ruggedness and aggressive

  • Siddharth Malhotra And His Mercedes Benz ML350 CDI

    Siddharth Malhotra, the budding actor, has earned quite a name by giving some hit films in a very short period of time. A former model, the man has been rising steeply in Indian film industry with more and more interesting projects. Along with his profession, the man has also made a good progress in his wheels collection and is now known to be a proud owner of a black toned Mercedes-Benz ML350

  • Mercedes – Active Body Control

    It is true that engineers and automobile designer put in a lot of creativity and hard work to bring us implement new technologies in gadget. But the results of these experiments are sometimes successful and man a times turn into killjoy nanny devices. Mercedes – (ABC) active body control, however, has proved its worth to Prof. Bharat Balasubramaniam, its designer and we totally agree

  • The Stylish Chemistry Of Bharti Singh With Her Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI

    Bharti Singh, the bubbly, chirpy, gorgeous stand-up comedian has given a new meaning to female aspirations across the nation. Her successful breakthrough in the world of stand-up comedy has inspired several females to try their in this field. Nevertheless, here we are talking about Bharti’s taste in vehicles. After owning an Audi Q5, the lady recently added a Mercedes-Benz GL 350 CDI to her

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