• Hyundai Creta Accessories

    Hyundai cars in India are huge success story. The car manufacturer has grown by leaps & bounds, since its entry into the country over a decade ago. It not only won the battle of the Korean car brands in the Indian market, but it has also gone on to steal the march over other, well-established competition. Hyundai creta The Indian number 2 has seen its order books

  • Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

    • May 29, 2016 10:00 IST
    • Greens

    Hyundai has come a long way in the past decade or so. Gone are the days when their cars were sold purely on the back of the fact that they were the most cost-effective option. The Korean manufacturer has played it for the long term and systematically gone about upping the game in every possible way. Today, Hyundai cars dominate several segments, especially in developing markets, where they

  • 10 Things You Will Like In Hyundai I20 Active

    • May 24, 2016 10:30 IST
    • TOP 10

    When it comes to B-Segment hatchbacks, the game has changed a lot, since the time the Swift came to town. Hyundai truly upset the party with the introduction of the i20. Two generations later, the Hyundai i20 Active which is one of the most vibrant displays of the manufacturer’s product prowess is absolutely crushing it in the market. 10 things you will like in hyundai

  • Car Accessories For Hyundai Eon

    The entry-hatch segment in India has always been a volumes generator. It is the stuff that sales records (and huge profits) are made of. However, the market leader had achieved a near total hold over it, by virtue of remaining unchallenged for decades. Then came the Hyundai Eon, a challenger that at long last, had what it takes to upset the status quo. Hyundai

  • Hyundai Sonata Uses Augmented Reality For Maintenance

    The rising complexities in cars has been a concern that’s been voiced by multiple owners the world over for some time now. Enough instances have been documented by now which showcase the fact that even, regular, self-maintenance tasks have been pushed to the outer fringes thanks to the increased electronics and inter-dependent systems that they’ve come to carry. No surprises then

  • 10 Things You Should Know On The Hyundai Elite I20

    • January 08, 2016 14:50 IST
    • TOP 10

    Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai has steadily climbed the sales charts and is the second largest manufacturer in the country. Hyundai cars in India are known for being robust machines, that come loaded to the gills with features and competent powertrains that match up to the best in the world. With a service network spread covering most of the major cities and towns in the country, it is

  • Hydrogen Powered Cars From Hyundai

    • December 30, 2015 14:37 IST
    • Greens

    Hyundai cars are everywhere. From tiny hatchbacks to luxury sedans and full-sized SUV’s, the Korean manufacturer makes and sells them all. It has come a long way too. During the initial days, customers and industry folk alike mentioned how their cars left a lot to be desired. But the Korean giant kept at it, slowly refining and improving upon their products. Hydrogen

  • Hyundai Blue Link Operating System

    The Hyundai Blue Link Operating System recently made its debut with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. What makes it worth discussion? It is not every day that someone tries to bring Google and Android under the same roof or rather sunroof. The mid-size Hyundai car sports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its infotainment console along with its own Blue Link along with a navigation system. The

  • Rahul Dravids Hyundai Tucson – The Walls Drive

    Hyundai cars are much appreciated for their performance, efficiency as well as for design. The premium car manufacturer has established a good presence in India with a successful line-up. With the Santa Fe and i20 Active, they have made quite a mark in the SUV and crossover space in India. In addition to modern design, these cars also score high on safety, reliability and durability thus

  • The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

    • June 03, 2015 15:08 IST
    • Greens

    In a world that is ruled by oil and fuel prices, those offering a decent fuel economy can be allowed to survive. It is a fact that has compelled almost all car makers to chase the elusive target of extra mpg for each new model. Also, it is the primary reasons why hybrid cars are taking a lead and hybridized version of Hyundai Sonata is being discussed all around. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata hybrid

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