• Amazing Honda BR-V Car Accessories

    Honda have been fairly successful globally in the crossover SUV segment. Their previous generation CRV was in fact widely recognized as one of the best cars of that genre. In India however, the Japanese car manufacturer struck gold with the City and went on to taste a fair bit of success with the Civic. However, earlier this year, Honda came back with a bang as they launched their much awaited

  • 10 Facts You Should Know About The 2016 Honda Brio

    • November 08, 2016 11:57 IST
    • TOP 10

    Honda continue to fire on all cylinders as it launches one car after another in India. Following a high-profile launch of the BR-V, the Japanese car maker has now chosen to focus on the entry-hatchback segment with the Brio. Here are 10 facts about the 2016 Brio worth spending time on: 10 Facts you should know about the 2016 Honda Brio The Brio gets a redesigned face for this model

  • Honda Jazz Anniversary Drive: Jazzing in Jaipur

    It’s a standard practice among carmakers to send out a press release of sorts when it comes to celebrating first year anniversaries of their products. Honda India though decided to scale things up a bit and fly us motoring journalists to Jaipur when the time came to celebrate the first anniversary of the Jazz. Right, then! Honda Jazz First Anniversary

  • 10 Things To Know About Honda BR-V Compact Suv

    • July 09, 2016 10:00 IST
    • TOP 10

    Honda cars have been known for two things: great engines & bulletproof reliability. India is no different & the statement holds true from hatchbacks to the latest compact SUV offering. Here’s a list of things to know about the Honda BRV that is the company’s latest launch in the market: Honda brv 1. The 7-seater capacity means that the Honda BRV

  • Mohammed Azharuddins Honda CR-V

    The wristy maharaja of the willow, Mohammed Azharuddin was a class act when it came to batting. A cricketer with the gift of run-scoring, he wowed fans and silenced critics the world over with his fine batting displays. Immensely capable as a leg-side player, his flick-off-the-pads was the stuff of cricketing dreams for an entire generation of fans. Later on, as the years rolled by, he worked

  • Top 10 Facts About The 2015 Honda Jazz

    • November 02, 2015 16:30 IST
    • TOP 10

    The Honda Jazz recently made its debut in Indian automotive segment. A large fan base of Honda cars was anticipating a lot from this hatchback from a long time. In case, you are wondering what new the car has to offer, here is a list of top 10 facts about Honda Jazz that will help you understand the dynamics and features of this car closely: Honda jazz Petrol

  • Vegetable Based Components – Honda Air

    Honda is one brand name that synonymises with legacy and quality. An international brand, Honda has a powerful market in India as well and the Honda cars in India are one of the most bought cars each year. What makes Honda a statesman brand? Among many instances, one instance is the advent of the Honda air concept in the year 2010 in the Design Challenge competition. The concept is of making

  • Honda And Android Auto

    Technology is like the value of a house in a posh locality, as each day progresses, it keeps increasing. Likewise, the only way for technology is the way forward and this principle applies to automobiles quite a lot. Automobile technology in India is scaling new heights and Honda cars in India are become advanced with each progressing day. In fact, it is now being said that soon Android auto

  • Honda Insight Hybrid

    • September 18, 2014 17:30 IST
    • Greens

    When it comes to automotive market especially cars, no one can forget what Honda has given to the world. The story of hybrid cars can be taken aback as long as during 1990s just because of the innovation that Honda used to practice that time. Not many companies were able to produce speedy cars when it launched its first generation Honda insight hybrid car in late 1990s. After the first hybrid

  • Honda CR-Z - A Hybrid Concept

    • June 09, 2014 11:00 IST
    • Greens

    Honda CR-Z hybrid concept car is among the most iconic and legendary creations of the Japanese auto major. The car was first showcased globally during 2006 and the company had employed some of the most brilliant technologies in it. The Honda hybrid car has been part of numerable international auto shows and has gained huge plaudits each time it has been presented amongst the public as well as

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