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  • How To Select The Best Insurance Package For Your Car

    The mandatory nature notwithstanding, car insurance policy buyers can be broadly segregated into two groups. One who just blindly go along with whatever is offered to them & the others who are particular about what they want out of their policy. The best car insurance policy is the one that offers the most coverage at the least cost. But there’s more to this than just the two

  • How To Make Smart Financial Decisions When Buying A Car

    The car market in India is red-hot right now. Every brand worth their manufacturing chops is putting their best products forward in a bid to garner the most of the buyer’s financial pie. Add to it a relaxed borrowing climate, where lenders are ensuring that they make the financing process as easy & seamless as possible, and you’ve got a situation where getting your dream car is

  • Third-Party Car Insurance - Explained

    The Motor Vehicle Act is the one that governs the use of automobiles in India. While it is typically laden with legalese, breaking it down for purpose of simplicity reveals several key aspects about it. One such aspect being car insurance in India. The law states that one cannot drive a vehicle on public roads without being covered by motor insurance. Third-party car

  • Car Loans – Interest Rates, Eligibility And More

    It is the right time of the year to buy a car. There’s plenty of great deals waiting to be found, thanks to car manufacturers & dealers looking to push stock through the showrooms. Given the buyer’s market conditions, one only has to keep an eye out for deals. What’s more, with attractive car loan interest rates being made available it is easy to drive home with the car

  • How To Use Fixed Deposits To Get A Car Loan

    The good old FD or Fixed Deposit has long been the go-to investment option of choice for people since decades. Even as newer investment options emerged with the opening up of the economy, the FD held on to a place it could call its own. With the rise in disposable income and aspirations of people, India soon embarked on an automotive revolution. Buoyed by supportive car finance schemes, many

  • Selling A Car Under Finance

    There was a time when car owners in India considered their wheels to be prized possessions and kept them for extended time periods. It also helped that extra money was hard to come by, not to mention the fact that choices were highly limited. Not anymore. The opening up of the economy ushered in a new era of the purchase generation. As car finance in India boomed, so did the availability of

  • Car Insurance Terms You Must Know

    Most vehicle owners & users are aware that it is mandatory to have a valid car insurance in India. Yet many simply sign away the cheque at the time of purchase or renewal without the slightest trace of a second thought over what exactly it is that the coverage involves. In most instances, they get away with their ignorance as few owners truly need their insurance safety net. But Murphy is

  • Tips To Pay Off The Car Loan Faster

    With more and more new cars being launched every month, the sentiment of buyers is at an all-time high. Readily available financing solutions have made things all the more easier for people to get their hands on their wheeled desires. Tips to pay off the car loan faster We’re still in a country where the car happens to be the second most costly purchase after a

  • Why Take Car Loan Online

    Ideally speaking, cash is king and we’d make enough of it to not ever need to borrow from a lender in our life. We’d simply have enough money to fund our dreams. Reality does help put things into perspective however, and the truth is, that we do need to reach out for help, in order to fund our dreams. Thankfully, we live in the age of convenience and this means that we can easily

  • How To Transfer A Car Loan

    Most people taking a car loan in India tend to go on for three to five years. Of course, there are those that go on for longer, but the significant majority tend to fall in the former category. Also, while people would tend to hold on for cars longer in the past, these days people tend to swap out their old one for new at a much quicker pace. how to transfer a car

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