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  • A Quick Rundown On The Various Types Of Honda Jazz Accessories

    The third generation of the Honda Jazz was launched here in India, sometime last year. A spacious cabin, strong styling and the promise of Honda’s legendary product and after sales support, have once again brought back customers into the showrooms for it. While the stock car does look fine in itself, there’s always the promise of sprucing it up. Honda

  • Best Car Accessories For Teenagers

    The teenage years are the golden years and when you’ve got your own wheels, it makes life sweeter. Plus, the best way to spruce up the ride, is to personalize it with some carefully selected accessories. Manufacturers of new cars these days have made things easier by either providing the essentials as standard or offering them as an option. Yet, there is a lot that one can

  • Customize The Renault Kwid With These Accessories

    The Renault Kwid has indeed been a game-changer in the entry-hatch segment. The bold stance, chunky styling and segment leading boot-space and ground clearance that puts many crossovers and SUV’s to shame are all part of the USP’s of the car. But it is the accessory list that is a big party trick, which allows owners to personalize their cars to individual tastes. Front

  • Top 5 Useful Car Accessories

    There is a lot that one can know about a person, by the car they own. The wheels of a person are an extension of their personality, projecting their beliefs right from the brand and the model, to the way they maintain them and care for them. Moreover, every car owner ends up adding their individual touch to their cars that makes them uniquely theirs. The world of accessories is an ever growing

  • The Top-Five Organizing Accessories For Your Car

    It is amazing to see people grappling with clutter in their cars. Unless you’re are the type who keeps an eagle-eyed watch over the stuff they bring into their car, you’re a prime candidate for car interior accessories that’ll help tidy things up. The after-market industry is flooded with products that promise to keep your car neatly organized. Many among them however are

  • Must Have Accessories For Maruti Swift

    When it comes to India, there’s really no escaping the number one car-manufacturer’s products out on the roads. Ever since it launched its very first product, Maruti Suzuki cars have been renowned for their many virtues. From the ease of driving them, to their cost-effective nature when it came down to maintaining them, buyers simply couldn’t have enough of

  • Cool Car Accessories For Women

    Cars in India have traditionally been a male bastion. Sure, there were a select bunch of women who would regularly get behind the wheel, but they were a minority most of the time. Then came the Nineties and brought with it the lingering taste of freedom. As the economy flourished, preferences changed. Today, there are enough women getting behind the wheel and owning some of the swankiest

  • A Closer Look At The Tata Nano Genx Accessories Range

    The Tata Nano started as a great promise; of being the answer to the typical Indian family comprising the husband and wife, with two kids in tow, all perched precariously as they brave the streets on a scooter or an economy-class motorcycle. Some weak marketing and poor market perception meant that demand wasn’t as great as expected when the car was introduced to the masses. It is now

  • Add-On Car Accessories For Senior Citizen

    The market for cars in India is booming. New models are being announced every other day and buyers are spoilt for choice. From entry-level hatchbacks to the hyper-luxury sedans, there are multiple options in each segment and across price-points. Choosing a car can be both, confusing as well as an exhilarating experience. Of-late there have been multiple cars in the 5+2 seater segment. This is

  • A Handy Guide To The Top Car Accessories For Babies

    When you’re travelling with a baby by car, things can change from calm to chaotic is less than the time it takes for you to hit sixty on the speedo. Whether it is a quick spin to the supermarket for the weekly shopping or a leisurely road trip with your baby, it is best to be prepared. The handy guide below on the top car accessories for babies should have you tripping along like a

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