• Sunil Grover With BMW 5 Series

    The television universe from an Indian perspective is a highly competitive one. There’s multiple shows exploring any given genre or theme at a given time & only the best of the best survive. One such series in the world of Indian comedy has been ‘0. Apart from Kapil Sharma, who plays the lead, there was Sunil Grover – the one best known for his character

  • Malaika Arora Khan With Her Bmw 7 Series Car

    Malaika Arora Khan needs little introduction to anyone remotely connected to the world of music and movies. From walking down the steps in red stilettos (& guaranteeing overnight success to the Indi-Pop video) to dancing atop a moving train, Malaika earned her reputation as being among the hottest things to hit the screens. Malaika arora khan with her bmw 7 series

  • BMWs Gesture Control System

    When the Hollywood blockbuster, Minority Report had released in theatres back 2002, i’d been completely awed by the various technological advances that the movie featured. What i remember most vividly is the way, Tom Cruise had controlled the various interfaces of the ‘pre-crime’ division’s fugitive tracking system by what appeared to be sleight of hand. It had been one

  • Bmw 3 Series With Head Up Displays

    There’s a lot happening on the streets today. Whether it is a short sprint down to the mall or a nice drive down the open highways, absolutely anything can happen. Remember the time when you were cruising down the expressway and your mind wandered off for a brief moment trying to recollect which toll-way exit it was that you were supposed to take. Well, your car must have travelled over

  • Ayesha Takias BMW X6

    Ayesha Takia Azmi, the beautiful next door innocent girl, is known for her bubbly looks and acting skills. But other than a successful acting career and pretty looks, the actress also owns a selective fleet of cars. Most of the cars owned by Ayesha belong to luxury segment. The one we are picking up here is the BMW X6 which happens to be one of the most prestigious celebrity cars in tinsel

  • Inductive Charging Technology From BMW For Electric Cars

    Electric vehicles may be emission free, but it doesn’t mean that they are devoid of other requirements. One of the basic requirement f or electric vehicles is that of recharging. You need to be regular about plugging them in before going to bed every day. BMW realized this problem and brought up a simple solution to this problem – the wireless inductive charger technology. So now,

  • Getting To Know The BMW Laser Light Technology

    It is true that a direct exposure to laser lights impairs vision, but the BMW laser light technology stands as an exception to this fact. The legendary German automaker has designed the laser based headlights in a way that prevent any kind of blindness due to high-beam headlights. BMW brought forth this iconic product at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show where this concept mesmerized

  • BMWs Hydrogen Powered 5-Series GT

    • July 19, 2015 10:00 IST
    • Greens

    The 2015 Innovation Days witnessed the grand revelation of BMW’s first hydrogen powered cars: a customized BMW 5 Series GT, a prototype, and i8. Innovation day is an amazing event that BMW uses for exhibiting its new technologies and will be coming down to floors in coming years. The fuel – cell electric vehicles was one of the most interesting ones that BMW showcased this year.

  • Hansika Motwani And Her Classy BMW 5-Series

    Remember that cute-eyed girl with lovely accent who wooed us all as a child artist in several flicks, she is all grown up now and is riding the roost in Tamil and Telegu film industry. We are talking here about Hansika Motwani, who has been creating a buzz recently. But we are talking here about her swanky riding style that is being noticed all around. The beautiful actress owns a BMW 5-Series

  • BMW i5 Might Be The New iPHEV

    • May 25, 2015 12:52 IST
    • Greens

    Though much hasn’t been known about the upcoming electric car from BMW’s stable, we bring you the best excerpts that summarize basic details of this model. BMW officials have denied acknowledging BMW i5’s existence, but there is a lieu of substantial proofs welling completely against this fact. From what we have collected, it is being assumed that BMW i5 will come equipped

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