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  • CVT Transmission - How does It Work

    A transmission or a gearbox is an interface of ratios that are used to vary the input & output loads between the engine & the wheels. Without a bunch of gear-ratios, we’d be stuck with a single gear that would be good in a limited driving scenario. For example, a 1st/2nd gear ratio would suffice only to get the car moving, 3rd/4th gear would only be good within the city, while

  • How GST will affect the Indian Car Industry

    Multiple taxation laws, numerous interpretations and the discretion at the disposal of the authorities have caused multiple roadblocks on the way to ensuring a smooth & easy climate for trade & commerce. Stakeholders have been known to refer to the business climate in the country as multiple entities bound together by a common currency. The much-delayed Goods & Service Tax (GST) which

  • Choosing The Right Automatic Hatchback

    In a world not too long ago, motorists in India were known to be predominantly in favour of manual gearbox based cars. Automatic hatchbacks in India were a rarity & one would even be forgiven for having thought of them as an oddity. Not that car manufacturers hadn’t tried offering the said transmission option. In-fact, Maruti used to offer an auto-box option on their M800 & the

  • Petrol or CNG! Which One To Choose?

    With diesel fuel starting to get a bad name thanks to particulate matter and nitrous oxide emissions, the fuelling debate is turning back to petrol cars. But truth be told, even petrol powered vehicles aren’t the cleanest fuel-tech out there. Gas based solutions could offer us our best chance to not only clear the air, but give the coming generations a fighting chance to

  • How Does A Car Carburetor Work?

    Most new cars these days come loaded to the gills with all sorts of sensors and gadgets. One yearns for the ‘good ‘ol days’ back when cars were driven by drivers and not computer things. There was a steering, some sort of braking and a motor connected to the wheels and the steering. Ask the average owner today on how does a car carburetor work & you are likely to get an

  • Advantages Of Having A SUV

    Car buyers in India have traditionally been categorized into two main types. The first lot prefer their hatchbacks & sedans. They drive better, their perceived social value is higher (sedans) and they’re easy to handle in the congested driving conditions. The second lot on the other hand, seem to be a bit more practical in their mind. These are the ones that buy SUV cars. Let’s

  • How Your Car Brakes Work?

    When it comes to cars in India, sharp brakes are said to rank second only to a loud horn on the top things that drivers long to have. Consider it the perils of driving around in our chaotic environment, but without these two, life behind the wheel would be extremely miserable, not to mention hair-raising on occasion. How your car brakes work Brake systems have come a

  • Things To Know About The New Age Engine Oil

    Engine oil is to cars, what blood is, to us humans. A life-line, an essential fluid, without which, a car, like us humans, would simply cease to function. Yet, while everyone knows the importance of oil in the car, there are a lot many things to know about the new age engine oil used in the vehicles of today. Here’s a quick round-up to help get you up to speed on

  • Dimming Car Mirrors Explained

    Driving down the open road under the night sky has an inexplicable charm about it. Since the time when headlights first made their appearance on cars, motorists have found themselves being enamoured with driving in the night. That urge is something that has continued to the present day. In-fact, as technology on new cars as well as a road infrastructure improved over the years, night driving

  • How To Choose Your Car Battery?

    One of the great things about new cars is that the battery that comes fitted from the factory is good for three-to-five years. Even if they do go bad in that time, the warranty takes care of things. With used cars though, this safety net isn’t present. Moreover, there’s no knowing for sure, if the previous owner hasn’t swapped out a strong battery for one that is less

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