Top 10 Facts About Datsun Go

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The Datsun Go is still a niche buyer’s car but there’s quite a few things going for it. Here are the Top 10 Facts about Datsun Go that you should know, should you be in the market for one:

Datsun go
Datsun go
  1. The Datsun Go may be a diminutive looking car, more in the class of the Alto, but it is big on the inside & owners shall come to love the cabin space.

  2. One things for sure, while it does offer all that the competition too does, the features list definitely won’t make it to the 10 interesting facts about Datsun Go. That said, you still get power steering, power assist for the front windows, a stereo, air-conditioning, etc. and thus, it has the basics covered.

  3. One of the top 10 facts about Datsun Go is that the official accessories range is rather eclectic. From alloy wheels in snazzy looking designs to glowing badging, the Go can be kitted out with quite a fair bit of bling!

  4. One of the 10 interesting facts about Datsun Go is that it shares its engine with the Nissan Micra. Yes, that’s correct, the same 1.2 litre petrol motor found under the hood of the Micra also powers the Go. Unfortunately, there’s no AMT version that’s been launched yet.

  5. The company believes that the Indian car buyer is most price conscious and that the demand for alternate fuel & engine options is not sufficient enough for them to be introduced. This is the reason why there’s been no diesel or CNG option either.

  6. The Datsun Go will stretch the fuel-mile to a respectable 20 kilometre/litre. It isn’t exceptional, but neither is it poor, which should keep most owners satisfied with the car.

  7. While Datsun is a relatively new brand in India, it is still a respectable one with an illustrious history that stretches back decades in all the key markets of the world. Besides, with the Go being underpinned by Nissan technology, buyers are assured of similar levels of quality controls going into their cars.

  8. As of now, the Datsun Go is expected merely to establish the brand’s presence in the Indian market. The company isn’t gunning for market superiority and so, the status quo on the sales charts should continue being undisturbed.

  9. Produced in Chennai, the Datsun Go is available at dealerships in all the key cities. However, the dealership network is still a fledgling one, and one might struggle in smaller towns.

  10. Datsun has huge plans on the GO platform, with the pint-sized 7-seater Go+ variant already out. A small-SUV is also on the cards in the near future.

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