10 Things You Need To Know About Mahindra Tuv300

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The Mahindra brand has had a long & illustrious involvement in the automotive landscape of the country. The home-grown SUV manufacturer has expanded into a bustling conglomerate with a successful presence in all key growth sectors in the country. Yet, Mahindra cars and more specifically, their SUV’s are what the brand is known best for.

Mahindra tuv300
Mahindra tuv300

From the Thar to the TUV300, the SUV manufacturer has been on a roll. Here’s a quick lowdown on all the things to know about the Mahindra TUV300:

1.    The TUV300 is positioned as a tough & stylish SUV, and it achieves that to the hilt. The car sports butch styling and has a sizeable road presence.

2.    Mahindra cars have always scored on the cabin space front & the TUV300 continues in the same vein. The car is spacious in both, the first row as well as the second.

3.    It is one of the few compact, sub-four metre SUV’s to seat seven passengers in relative comfort. A feat that its comparatively priced compact sedans fail to achieve.

4.    The car feels built to last, and even though the cabin plastics feel a little rough to touch, they’re sure to withstand a rugged owner for a long time.

5.    The 1.5 litre engine has been tuned for driveability. There’s minimal turbo-lag, and even the smallest prod of the throttle has the car lunging forward eagerly.

6.    Thanks to the generous glass-house area, all-round visibility is great. This when paired with the commanding seating position and that responsive powertrain means that the usual suspects respectfully give way to the TUV300 in traffic.

7.    Airbags and ABS are available across the entire model-range. A commendable move indeed towards improving road safety from the manufacturer.

8.    The car comes loaded to the gills with features. From cornering lamps to lumbar support for the front row of seats, the TUV300 ensures that its levels of kit are among the best in the segment.

9.    The SUV sorely misses out on having 4-wheel drive capabilities, even as an optional extra. It would have definitely been a huge boost to the TUV300’s go everywhere capabilities.

10.  One of the great things to know about the Mahindra TUV300, is that it comes with an Automated Manual Transmission   (AMT) as an option and gives the SUV the unique distinction of being the cheapest AMT equipped vehicle on sale today.

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