BMW 7 Series Hybrid

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BMW cars have long been eponymous with the Ultimate Driving Machine. Each and every car in the model portfolio through the car maker’s illustrious history has had driving pleasure hard-wired into its DNA. Even in the present day line-up, starting from the lower end with the 1-Series and going all the way to the range topping 7-Series, BMW has managed to instil their DNA into all of them.

Bmw 7 series hybrid car
Bmw 7 series hybrid car

In-fact, the flagship 7-Series has been a rolling-lab of sorts through which the German car maker has sought to establish their supremacy in the full-size luxury sedan segment. Which is why, it came as no surprise to hear about the BMW 7-Series Hybrid being launched. After-all, it was BMW who’d plonked a humongous V12 motor under the hood in the second-generation avatar, thereby forcing the competition to try and play catch up with it.

Here’s a few great things that you should about this cutting-edge flagship that promises to redefine your approach to full-size luxury sedans:

★ The new 7-Series sticks to the premise that luxury sedan buyers tend to play it a little conservative when it comes to the exterior styling. The new car looks pretty much like the out-going one & BMW cars considers this to be a good thing.

★ All the weight savings that the new edition has made over the outgoing one are neutralized by the hybrid kit. The regular fuelled versions are over a 120 kilograms lighter than the previous edition.

★ The ‘efficient dynamics’ plank has been levied to the max here in the hybrid edition of the new 7-Series.

★ As is the case with hybrid powered vehicles, the engine in the 7-Series cuts power during braking to a standstill.

★ The company reckons that the Active Hybrid variant will play a niche role, for now. This is why, it is planned as a left-hand drive variant only.

★ The car sports reduced boot space over the regular powered siblings, thanks to the battery bank being housed there.

★ Industry analysts say that this variant will only serve as a technology showcase rather than making a case for itself as a compelling buy.

Somewhere between the second-gen ‘7 to the newly launched 6th gen one though, the world has mellowed. Power is now only welcome when it is balanced with efficiency, and it is to this end, that the BMW 7-Series Hybrid once again proves why the car maker is so well respected around the world.

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