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        Tom Cruise And His Black Porsche 911

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Acclaimed actor-director Tom Cruise, seldom needs a long winded introduction. Best known for flitting in and out of roles that represent a wider acting repertoire, the triple, Golden Globe award winner deserves all the accolades that he can get.

        Some of his most memorable roles have been from movies such as Top Guy, where he portrayed ‘Maverick’ – a fighter pilot at Top Gun that had the ladies swooning all the way back in the mid-eighties. He then went on to play a lawyer-whistle blower who brought down his mafia-backed employer in ‘The Firm’. Besides, Bartenders were never cooler than when he played one, in Cocktail. In recent years, his escapades as top secret-agent, Ethan Hunt, have been legendary in the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. From handling the coolest wings & wheels to traveling to the best of locales, he’s been known to have a taste of the good life. Which is why, Tom Cruise’s cars are as much of a delight as his movies.

        Tom cruise
        Tom cruise

        The Black Porsche 911 gave off the ultimate signal that one had arrived in the world. A car for the dedicated enthusiast, the 911 commanded a lot of respect, in showrooms & out on the streets, the world over. While other colours were available and a few of them popular too, but nothing spoke as evocatively as one dressed in black.

        When a car has been in production over the span of a few decades, you can be rest assured that every aspect of it has been fine-tuned, tweaked & perfected over time. The 911 is no different. Just ask Tom Cruise, who’s had a Black Porsche 911 in real life, after having seen in many a specimen from the manufacturer over the years, in his blockbuster hits! It may be the ultimate in street-swag for some, given the on-screen visibility, but the truth remains that the car in itself, is the epitome of a real-world car. A car that is to be enjoyed by people that love to drive, rather than turn their cars into garage queens. And even though, in the past decade or so, the cars that came out from the production line, have grown in size & become more complex, the 911 remains an icon of purist motoring. Those timeless lines, look just as alluring even to this day, drawing people in with the signature wheel haunches, the easily recognizable silhouette & the performance from the unique engine construction & layout.

        Little wonder then, to know that the 911 has been ranked at the top of Tom Cruise’s cars collection by critics & fans alike.