Steve Jobs And His Mercedes Sl Class

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The late Steve Jobs was a special human being. He was the rare kind of men, who could successfully lay claim to have singlehandedly revolutionized the way the world communicated & interacted with each other. Gifted inventor, talented business man, and above all, a truly special being who touched our lives and changed the way we lived, forever. Apple, his creation & his legacy, will forever be known as the company that was at the futuristic edge of communication technology. No-one before them had so successfully combined beautiful design & terrific engineering into such a heady experience. While many tried to emulate the formula, few have managed to come close enough to cause any real worry.

Steve jobs
Steve jobs

Steve Jobs had earned quite a reputation for doing things his way & his automobiles too bore the mark of his genius. For example, his Mercedes SL Class roadster was famously known for not sporting licence plates on it. There were plenty of rumours surrounding this seemingly illegal feat & among them were theories that a man with his earnings didn’t really care about the fines that needed to be paid for driving a car without license plates. Others claimed that the state of California, in recognition of his contribution to the community & the world of personal computing at large, had exempted Jobs from sporting license plates.

All that the theories did, was fan the imagination of people the world over and extend the myth of celebrity cars being treated differently from those owned by regular, everyday folks. The truth however was a little different. California apparently had this little known licencing rule which stated that a motorist could use their car without plates for up-to six months.

The Late Steve Jobs apparently used to switch cars before the end of this time window, each time replacing it with a Mercedes SL Class that was identical in colour & interior trim to the previous one. This way, no one was ever the wiser to how he went about driving his car without license plates on the streets.

The commendable thing was his loyalty towards Mercedes-Benz cars, as he never veered from his choice steed that was the Mercedes SL55 AMG roadster. Long considered to be the most opulent of full-size roadsters in the company’s line-up, the SL Class was a model that dated back many years and a rich motoring history behind it.

It is tales like this that go on to strengthen the lore around the genius of a man that Steve was. Not to mention the fact that the world of celebrity cars is just like the people that own them – a little difficult to fathom for all those who don’t live that life!

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