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      Sanjay Dutt Owns An Audi Q7

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      This month has been good for Bollywood fans who think that superstar Sanjay Dutt is in a league of his own. Having just been released from incarceration, the Bollywood hunk is said to have mellowed down a little following his time behind bars, but there’s no denying the fact that the charisma is still glowing as ever.

      sanjay dutt and audi q7
      sanjay dutt and audi q7

      Apart from his success at filmdom, Sanjay Dutt has been known for his penchant for luxury automobiles, and is said to have an expansive garage that houses some of the most iconic names from the auto-world. From sports cars to limousines, he’s sampled them all. Each of them has had but one condition for it to make it to his stable – it’s got to be distinguished enough to offer something that goes beyond the rest of the competition.

      Little wonder then that he’s had the Audi Q7 in his collection, back in the day. A brute of an SUV, the Q7 has been the flagship full-size beast in Audi’s Indian line-up. When it was launched almost a decade ago, there was no other car like it on the road. The sheer street presence it had, caused other, lesser mortals to hunker and get out of its way. As it prowled the streets like a heavy-weight boxer, its signature headlamps and unmistakable Bavarian face were the stuff of neighbourhood discussions all across town.  

      The Audi Q7 may have been marginally slower than the competition, but in all other aspects, it had them trumped. With its class leading cabin space across all-three rows of seating, a generous boot and opulently appointed interior, it was no surprise to see the movers & shakers gravitate towards it. The Q7 quickly became the steed of choice for all those who wanted to announce to the world that they’d arrived.

      The Audi Q7 has in-fact been instrumental in establishing the manufacturer’s claim to the crown of being the leading luxury car brand in the country. The success of the full-size Q paved the way for the smaller siblings to follow in its footsteps. What’s more, some of that Q-magic also rubbed off on the sedans and with Audi keeping the interest going with some stellar marketing, the company went on to set some serious sales records.

      The older car was given a rousing farewell, when the newer Q7 made its appearance on our shores late last year. The latter sports sharper clothing and builds upon the already excellent qualities of the one before it. Needless to say, the newer one does continue in the glorious footsteps of the older Q7 and will be more than up to it, in filling those large shoes.

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