Micromax Owner Rahul Sharmas Orange Bentley Continental Supersports Coupe

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The bright orange paintwork, the triumphant fist and the high energy campaigns – are all symbolic of Micromax, a young smartphone manufacturer from India who’s managed to pull off the unimaginable. From selling its first handsets in 2008, to being within sniffing distance of the market leader, selling a few million phones each month in just six years – Micromax has been lightning fast in the mobile handset business.

Micromax owner rahul sharma with his car
Micromax owner rahul sharma with his car

Rahul Sharma, Micromax owner is a man known for his flamboyant taste and a keen business acumen that has marked his firm’s mercurial rise up the ladder. His personal touch and his observation of the people around him wherever he went, have been the inspiration behind some of the greatest selling mobiles in his firm’s history. From month-long battery life, to dual-sim phones, Micromax has been at the forefront of offering feature-packed phones at price-points that established manufacturers simply couldn’t match.

A hard-core automobile fan, Rahul Sharma, Micromax owner is best known for his Bentley Continental Supersports Coupe – a car which matches the pace at which his company has grown over the years. Bentley cars are often for those who prefer to arrive in style, while still showing off their sporty side and the Continental Supersport Coupe does just that, with ample doses of aplomb!

Achingly fast, the Continental Supersports Coupe is a performance powerhouse. Restrained aggression best describes its stance, which consists of just the right amount of flowing panels that drape over, strong muscles. The engine displacement is a massive six litres in a 12 cylinder configuration. It produces a jaw-dropping 621 bhp and comes with two huge intercoolers as standard. The alloys are a flamboyant 10-spoke design and sitting proudly behind them are the largest ever carbon ceramic construction brakes to be ever offered on a commercially available car.

The ‘Supersports’ name isn’t just for show then, and pays homage to the long standing tradition of Bentley cars which goes back all the way to the original Bentley Supersports of 1925. A car so blisteringly powerful, it made over 85 bhp; at a time when other cars were barely touching 15 bhp!

Little wonder then that this extreme performance characteristic of Bentley Cars has resonated so strongly in the journey of Rahul Sharma & his Micromax.

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