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        Fuel Saving Tips To Get High Mileage From Petrol Cars

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        Petrol cars in India have typically played second fiddle to their diesel engine counterparts. Pricing policies notwithstanding, the country by and large has veered towards diesel as the fuel of choice when it comes to automobiles. Not only was it cheaper, but diesels also grew quieter, more refined & offered better real-world performance, once people made the changes to their driving habits.

        Fuel saving tips to get high mileage from petrol cars
        Fuel saving tips to get high mileage from petrol cars

        The recent efforts towards improving the efficiency of petrol engine cars may have resulted in better real-world fuel economy numbers, but the gap between them and the diesels is still visible across most segments. This is why, we’ve listed a few key fuel saving tips to get high mileage from petrol cars & hold on to that superior refinement & the peace of mind from a lower environmental impact for longer.

        • Nailing the throttle in a petrol results in instantaneous response. There’s no lag as found in diesels, though one must be careful to not over-rev the engine.

        • One must avoid the urge to hold each gear to get into the max-torque zone, and shift-up early instead. The beauty of a petrol engine is that you’ll go nearly as quick while saving a lot on fuel.

        • Over-revving in general must be avoided as must be hard braking when stopping the car. Anticipation is the key, and the coasting technique will help you get away with a light throttle in most conditions.

        • Petrol cars in India (unlike their diesel counterparts) are still getting by in naturally aspirated form. This allows owners to do away with mandatory idling practices to be followed in diesels (allowing the turbo to spool up & down safely), thereby resulting in better fuel economy.

        • Watch the air-conditioning carefully, as most petrol cars in India tend to be highly impacted by them on the fuel efficiency front. Use it smartly: switching the compressor on & off as per need, following best practices such as airing the car when stationary outdoors before hitting the AC button, etc.

        • One of the top fuel saving tips to get high mileage from petrol cars is to lose all the excess baggage. People are usually surprised to learn just how effective doing so turns out to be. The most obvious area is the boot. Leave nothing behind, except the essential spare & the bare minimum luggage, especially for a daily runner. Next, look below the front seats, for excess stuff, that one needs on those ilea long drives – such as a vacuum cleaner or an electric tire hoist/air-pressure pump.

        It is important to think smart, for that’s the best way to get the max out of one’s car mileage.