Buying A New Vs Used Car In An Odd Vs Even Rule In New Delhi

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If you’re wondering about what is the odd-even rule in Delhi, then you’ve come to the right place. Flawed transportation policies had resulted in the neglect of public mass-transit systems, thereby skewing the situation in favour of private vehicular usage. Consequently, vehicle sales exploded and as roads struggled to cope with the onslaught, they slowly began to turn into rush-hour parking lots.

Buying a new vs used car in an odd vs even rule in new delhi
Buying a new vs used car in an odd vs even rule in new delhi

The past couple of years have been particularly severe, and as air-quality deteriorated to life-threatening levels, the powers that be in the National Capital Region (NCR) woke up to the problem. This resulted in the roll-out of the much debated odd-even rule in Delhi. What it meant was that depending upon the vehicle registration ending in an odd or even number, one would either be allowed to use it on a particular day or not.

People being people, protested, but slowly started to fall in line. Many began to explore loopholes, including opting for a second car so they could alternate usage. Infact, such was the appeal of this idea, that people began giving a serious thought to buying a new vs used car in an odd vs even rule, as they debated over a brand new purchase or a pre-owned one.

Even as people were coming to grips with what is the odd-even rule in Delhi, there was much scope for improvement. Many debated the roll-out of such a rule, without enough research to back it. Others pointed towards vehicular pollution being a far lesser culprit to the deteriorated air-quality of the capital than say, road and building construction sectors.

The execution too left much to be desired. There was chaos on the streets when the ruling was first put into practice. No one was clear about the demarcated days for even/odd-registration numbered vehicles. Detractors also argued that two-wheelers which have a higher density in traffic, were wrongly exempted. But all was not in vain, for the system did have its benefits. So while there were those who were contemplating buying a new vs used car in an odd vs even rule, there was the majority who began to opt for the Delhi Metro transportation system, for their commutes. Those who couldn’t take that option,car started to carpool, and so on. However, only time shall tell on the overall effectiveness of this solution, over the others that could have been considered.

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