10 Tips That Can Keep Your Car Running For Years

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A rising disposable income, easy availability of finance & a wide selection of cars has come as a boon for aspiring car owners in India. As many discover though, buying a car is only the beginning. Maintaining a car is where the trick lies & these top 10 car care tips should help in keeping your prized set of wheels in fine mettle over the years.

10 tips that can keep your car running for years
10 tips that can keep your car running for years

• The engine is the heart of the car & this mechanical heart needs fresh oil to pump like new. Every manufacturer specifies a particular interval at which the oil is to be changed. Always stick to it, or change early if needed.

• Filters are to cars what the lungs & kidneys are to people. Changing them out at the manufacturer specified intervals is one of the key car service tips for a long life.

• The summers are getting hotter with each passing year & this means that the air-conditioning units end up working extra to keep the occupants cool. Changing the coolant & getting the system checked annually helps keep this vital system as new.

• Gear oil or transmission fluid has a long working life and get neglected. So, replacing it as per the manual is one of the top 10 car care tips for a long life.

• Our roads are filled with grime & dirt. This sticks to the underside & has a high-corrosive action. It is a good practice to wash the underside at regular intervals.

• The sun can be quite harsh on the upholstery & the interiors are given to fading over time. Regular use of a vinyl & upholstery protectant help keep them feeling like new over the years.

• A car is full of mechanical parts and one of the crucial car service tips  from experienced owners is to never slack up on the lubrication schedule.

• Nothing is more off-putting than a car with dull, faded paint that gives off the impression of being neglected by the owner. A simple wax & detailing job every few months will keep it looking like new for years to come.

• Inspect & replace the rubber boots on CV joints to prevent expensive repairs that can be avoided.

• Wheel bearing replacements must be carried out on schedule to avoid expensive component level repairs later on.

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