How Awd System Helps?

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Talk about AWD or all-wheel drive and the mind conjures up visions of legends such as the Audi’s famed Quattro rally cars, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and the Subaru Imprezza. Stalwarts of the rallying-scene, there’s tonnes of footage out there of these cars over the years, flying over gravel and tarmac alike sending the viewer in a state of automotive ecstasy. There are a sizeable number of new cars with AWD systems out there and they all make for an involving drive.

Awd system
Awd system

To a layperson wondering how AWD system helps – well think about it in terms of traction and grip. Most modern AWD vehicles today can regulate the amount of torque to each wheel on a continuous, real-time basis. So, for example, if the left wheel at the front were to lose grip in an AWD equipped car, then the wasted torque would immediately be re-distributed to the remaining three wheels that still have traction. This would increase the grip levels available to them and the car would be able to be controlled better. If something similar were to happen in a regular FBD car, it would simply break traction and skid out of control if unchecked.

Now that you know how AWD system helps, here’s a quick list of things to remember when you’ve got a car with such a system.

Tires are everything on AWD cars. No amount of AWD will correct an imbalance that’s caused by tires which are ill-suited to the cars intended usage.

Also, AWD equipped cars are highly sensitive to tire-sizes. So please check with the tire-shop before upsizing your tires.

AWD systems use a complex assortment of parts that are highly dependent on the various fluids used to operate them. It would be wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to fluid-change intervals rather than risking expensive repairs.

No AWD system is built the same. So before buying one of the new cars on the market equipped with such a system, take a long test-drive.

Free lunches are a myth and so are maintenance free AWD systems. Sure they’re built to last, but don’t skimp on their upkeep. AWD cars will always be more expensive to live with than regular cars. You’ve got to pay for all the awesomeness after all.

AWD loyalists say that once you cross over, there’s no going back. So bite the fruit only if you’re prepared for all that comes with it!

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