Growing Influence Of Embedded Telematics In Cars

February 17, 2016 10:13 IST by in Automobile Technology.

Technology is a strange ally, particularly in the world of automobiles. On one hand, the various tech-advancements have gone on to make motoring safer, better & more acceptable in the modern world. Whereas on the other hand, it is coming under increasing criticism from people, that it is taking away from the driving experience. They claim that embedded telematics in cars needs to be regulated closely to prevent vehicular control shifting from the person behind the wheel, to some electronic black-box with a mind of its own.

Embedded telematics in car
Embedded telematics in car

The original concept isn’t any new though. Embedded telematics in cars has existed since the early nineties. Since then, telematics has expanded to provide assistance in the various aspects of motoring, from navigation assistance and communications with the world, to infotainment systems, and safety aids.

Spreading across markets around the world, embedded telematics have been found as far as in new cars in India! Not everyone recognizes it for what it is though – a black, magical box with connections to multiple systems electronic & human, and the intelligence to reach out to various sources as needed, to offer a safer, better motoring experience.

Typical systems these days, have them connected to a smart-phone in the car. In the instance of an incident, the embedded telematics in cars takes over & auto-dials for emergency assistance services (for example), to come to the aid of the wounded.

Many new cars in India have started to come with road-side breakdown assistance. In such instances, the company personnel, access telematics data through the black-box in the car to remotely diagnose the extent of the damage, before sending in the rescue forces.

Vehicle diagnostics too is a huge playing field, where embedded telematics in cars is making its presence felt. Through the sensor based network, the car collects granular pieces of information regarding its health & road worthiness. Should a parameter or two be off-the-line, the system with automatically intimate the owner & well as the preferred authorised representative.

Turn-by-turn navigation and GPS assistance from on-board Infotainment systems is increasingly becoming mainstream in new cars in India and is a hot new segment, with immense growth potential, which is true for the embedded telematics market on the whole as well. The only question that remains then, is for manufacturers to figure out the best way to walk, what is, the cutting edge of convenience, without crossing over any unspoken lines.

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