Ultimate Car Accessories To Improve Your Car

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Road trips are a great way to leave the stress of the regular life behind. A welcome break from all the chaos at work, the responsibilities on the personal front – a time to relax and unwind. Hop into the car and drive off, full tank of fuel and all. But then, somewhere along the trip, it all goes downhill a little. There’s not enough storage space or charging ports, nothing to keep the occupants busy while you focus on how smooth the winding road is. You can avoid such an experience by prepping with the ultimate car accessories to improve your car:

Ultimate car accessories to improve your car
Ultimate car accessories to improve your car

Ø  USB chargers are passé, get an inverter for the car instead. Inverters don’t just let you charge your phone and other USB connector based devices, they also let you charge your laptop. Which is great, for that familiar bout of a crisis at work, where you’ve got to log in, even on your vacation.

Ø  Next up are tire inflators. These are particularly great as used car accessories, as pre-owned cars come with tires that have seen some degree of usage & you never know when they’ll suffer a flat.

Ø  A vacuum cleaner may seem like an overkill, but when you’re practically living in the car for hours on an ambitious, cross-country overnighter, it seems like a God send when you make it in time at your destination.

Ø  Have an emergency car escape tool handy. It is a nifty, multi-tool, with a cutter, a stubby hammer point and a flash-light. Can be a lifesaver when dark time come calling.

Ø  Organizers too make a great choice as one of the ultimate car accessories to improve your car. From over the sun-visor to behind the seat, they can swallow a tonne of stuff that’s otherwise simply lying around the car. Now when you need the iPad to play a quick round of Candy Crush or whatever is the flavour of the moment as you sit there gridlocked in an unknown town, you’ll have it at hand!

Ø  A cell-phone holder too is one awesome thing to have, whether as used car accessories or in your brand new car. Stick it up on the windshield or on the window by the side & voila! You can easily follow that robotic sounding lady on the phone, mouthing things like “stay in the left two lanes at the next roundabout, to continue straight” as you wrestle with the steering wheel in sheer disbelief over what you just heard!

As you can see, this list is a work-in-progress. So how about chipping in with your suggestions too. Hit up the comments & fire away!

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