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When it comes to India, there’s really no escaping the number one car-manufacturer’s products out on the roads. Ever since it launched its very first product, Maruti Suzuki cars have been renowned for their many virtues. From the ease of driving them, to their cost-effective nature when it came down to maintaining them, buyers simply couldn’t have enough of them.

Maruti suzuki swift
Maruti suzuki swift

The Swift was launched ten years ago and went on to become a best-seller and segment-leader for the company. A driver’s delight, the lively handling and chassis balance paired with fuel-efficient yet powerful engines in one stylish package made for a heady combination. A custom-shop’s delight, the list of must-have accessories for Maruti Swift can put the official accessories catalogue of other cars to shame. So here goes a look at some of the better options out there:

Maruti Suzuki has traditionally been known for under-tiring its cars. It has been no different with the Swift too, with some referring to the ones supplied by the company with the car as being little more than rubber-bands. An upgrade to better rubber, perhaps in the next upsize and paired with tastefully designed alloys doesn’t just bump up the grip levels but also fills out those wheel-arches rather nicely, we’d say.

Next up is the lighting. Maruti Suzuki Swift owners have multiple headlight & taillight options in the aftermarket accessories list. From smoked lenses and devil-eyes to full-projector setups and even LED units, one is only limited by their imagination here.

When you’ve got a chassis that handles as beautifully as in the Swift and engines with oodles of untapped power, there’s scarcely a better reason to unleash all that underlying potential. Little wonder then that performance enhancing add-ons are among the must-have accessories for the Maruti Swift. Think free-flow exhausts, engine remaps, piggy-backing performance chips, cold-intake air-filters and more. Tinker away!

With all that performance under the hood, the suspension and brakes too must be upgraded suitably and the after-market industry truly is only limited by your imagination, and the strength of your wallet.

To go with all the performance mods, a seating upgrade or at least a change in upholstery is a must. Moreover, protecting your precious Maruti Suzuki from unsavoury elements after all those upgrades is a no-brainer. A quality garage-cover would do wonders in ensuring that your car looks fresh even after numerous stints in the sun.

So tell us, what all would you add to your list of must-have accessories for the Maruti Swift? Hit up the comments with your suggestions to let us know.

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