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Hyundai cars in India are huge success story. The car manufacturer has grown by leaps & bounds, since its entry into the country over a decade ago. It not only won the battle of the Korean car brands in the Indian market, but it has also gone on to steal the march over other, well-established competition.

Hyundai creta
Hyundai creta

The Indian number 2 has seen its order books swell substantially since the launch of its compact SUV - the Creta. It has quickly captured the top spot in the segment. The manufacturer has had its finger on the pulse of the car buying public and the huge range of Hyundai Creta accessories available is a testimony to this fact.

★ The chrome garnish pack has been a resounding hit among buyers of Hyundai cars in India and the manufacturer has brought one out for the Creta as well. It includes chrome surrounds and appliques for the various exterior lights, including the headlamps & taillights, in addition to the fog lamps.

★ Alloys are a great way to enhance the looks of the car. The OEM alloys in the Hyundai Creta accessories put all but the most expensive of aftermarket options to shame with their good looks and are are great VFM to boot!

★ DRL’s are an important safety feature, and hence, proper fitment should be carried out to ensure occupant safety. The OEM options available for Hyundai cars in India are designed specially for that specific model, thereby ensuring that they not only look & perform great, but they also preserve the warranty of the car.

★ Parking assistance systems are a huge help in the case of compact SUV’s and the reverse camera system takes the OEM sensor based one to the next level. With its all-seeing camera streaming things from the back straight to your internal rear view mirror, you’ve got eyes where you need them, all the time.

★ Protecting the great looks of the Creta to ensure that it stays pristine even years after is easy, thanks to the paint & rust protection treatments available at your friendly Hyundai company dealer.

Hyundai cars in India have earned their reputation of being segment leaders thanks to some great designs that are paired with excellent drivetrain packages and underpinned by stellar support from the manufacturer no matter which part of the country you belong to. Little wonder then to see the manufacturer closing the gap between itself and the market leader in the past couple of years.

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