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When you’ve got an automobile, the personalization never really stops. Just ask any guy who’s passionate about his wheels & you’ll learn just how true this is. While the options used to be limited back in time, these days, they’re virtually endless, being limited only by ones imagination & the thickness of the wallet. Here’s a quick look at some of the cool car accessories for guys that are on sale today:


Most guys love to begin with exterior car accessories when it comes to personalizing their prized possession.

Ø  Upsized tires and snazzy alloy wheels are the bare minimum that one should consider. Not only do they improve upon the looks, but there are also some functional benefits to be gained.

Ø  Changing the exhaust note, through muffler swaps & full system upgrades are another way towards making one’s car unique.

Ø  On the other hand, if one wishes to change the way their sheet metal looks, there’s a whole new world of wraps & custom paint jobs that’ll satisfy every desire.

With the exterior done, it is time to look at some popular interior car accessories too.

Ø  A pleasant smelling car makes for a memorable motoring experience & hence, an air-freshener is a must-have in any guy’s car.

Ø  Floor mats are a good way, not just to keep the interior clean but to also protect the factory carpeting that came with the car.

Ø  Mood lighting options are dime a dozen these days, and often a quick way to change the way a car feels on the inside.

Ø  From real leather seating to more durable & weather friendly art-leather, there’s an exciting range of colours and textures in the world of car upholstery for one to choose from. Each manufacturer has their own unique patterns. Some of the more premium ones will also happily take up a custom request that truly reflects the individuality of the customer.

Ø  The in-car entertainment system is another of those interior car accessories options that can truly transform the car on the inside. From drop-in speaker upgrades to full-blown, multi-subwoofer based systems that are supported by external amplifiers, and everything in between, there’s a whole new world of exciting possibilities out there, waiting to be explored.

In-car entertainment system
In-car entertainment system

Of-course, in today’s age of 24/7 connectivity, there’s also lots of cool car gadgets for guys to consider. Think quick chargers for the phones & tabs, a portable cooler for refreshments, quirky back-lit window signs, and more. The market is forever evolving & therefore the best way to decide upon which one’s right, is to get out there & start looking.

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