Things To Know About The New Age Engine Oil

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Engine oil is to cars, what blood is, to us humans. A life-line, an essential fluid, without which, a car, like us humans, would simply cease to function. Yet, while everyone knows the importance of oil in the car, there are a lot many things to know about the new age engine oil used in the vehicles of today. Here’s a quick round-up to help get you up to speed on things:

Things to know about the new age engine oil
Things to know about the new age engine oil

★ Service intervals are a lot longer for new cars than used cars from back in the day. This is due to the continuous advancements that car manufacturers continue to make during the production cycle of the vehicle. Oil changes which were mandated every 2-5000 kilometres have almost doubled and it is not unusual for cars to go a whopping 10000 kilometres between oil changes.

★ Pure Synthetic Oils are a lot more popular today than they were in the past. Unlike older, used cars, modern cars are built to tighter clearances & better quality standards. Consequently, their high performance capacities bring the need for better lubrication to the fore and synthetics are increasingly being adopted by manufacturers.

★ One of the key things to know about the new age engine oil is that the pure-mineral based ones are all-but absent from the scene. These days, it is all about semi-synthetic oils. These are a carefully formulated blend, designed to offer the lubrication benefits of synthetic oils whilst maintaining the cost benefits of mineral oils.

★ Unlike engine oils of yore, modern day oils come pre-mixed with all the additives required for additional engine performance & longevity benefits from the factory itself. Thus, there is no longer any need for adding in stuff from your end - a fact that unscrupulous service centres usually go out of the way to convince you otherwise.

★ Production techniques too are changing with time. Cars today are being built quicker, safer and a lot more comfortable than had previously been done. They are, in most instances, comparatively better equipped and cheaper on certain parameters when compared to how things were conducted in the past.

With the goal-posts being constantly moving forward, the manufacturing industry is striving hard to meet the demands of their customers. Brands are continuously exploring ways in delighting customers, ensuring that cars remain among the most treasured of personal statements that one can make in the present day.

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