How To Maintain Your Car In Top Shape

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Many folks these days are turning to pre-worshipped vehicles in order to chase their automotive dreams. Some take to used cars in India, for lateral upgrades. This is where buyers go a segment or two above their existing car, by simply opting for a pre-owned one. Whatever your reasons for buying one, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t lavish it with the necessary attention & care to keep it in the best of health.

how to maintain your car in top shape
how to maintain your car in top shape

Here’s a few handy tips that should show you how to maintain your car in top shape: 

Ø  The first thing is to know your car. No two cars are the same, but broadly speaking, they can be classified according to their home country, where they first originated. For example, cars from Japanese brands, like Toyota for example, are known to feel fresh for lakhs of kilometres on the road. European cars tend to age gracefully on the outside with time, while most budget hatches fare poorly in the long-run.

Ø  Far too many owners underestimate the importance of a proper warm-up & cool-down procedure. With the proliferation of common-rail diesels & turbo-charged petrols, this has become extremely important. Many used cars in India tend to get ruined prematurely due to negligence in this aspect.

Ø  Most city and town roads would look right at home as part of the special stages for a rally, but that doesn’t mean you drive around like you’re participating in a race to win. Gently easing the car over bumps goes a long way in stretching the life-span of key suspension and other drivetrain components.

Ø  The grabby you are or ham-handed at the wheel, the more maintenance gremlins are going to get thrown up over the life of the vehicle. One of the golden rules of knowing how to maintain your car in top shape is to be gentle with the car, trying to work the controls in a smooth, unruffled manner. Get choppy at the wheel & you’re going to find your wallet chopped off come maintenance time.

Ø  Don’t abuse the engine. Driving the right gear not only reduces fuel consumption, but it also results in lower maintenance bills, as the engine is being used in a smooth, unstrained manner.

Ø  Lastly, remember the adage, “know when to nurture & nudge the car and it’ll caress & respond as you demand” Abuse her & she’ll bite right back, someday, sooner or later.

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