Top 10 Indian Cars With Front Wheel Drive

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Do you know that cars with Front Wheel Drive are the most popular and powerful cars/ in India. In the Front Wheel Drive (FWD) mode the front wheels take responsibility for propelling as well as steering the car. So, if a car with front wheel drive gets stuck in a corner, the driver exerts power on its anterior wheels. The front pair of wheels thus does a dual job – produce centripetal force for keeping vehicle in line and accelerating along its path of motion. Usually, the friction offered by path plays a key role in offering both centripetal force and acceleration and helps in keeping the vehicle under control. But when the power received by front wheels is more than enough, friction from road might not be enough for keeping vehicle in control; this may lead to the condition of understeering. However, in India most front wheel drive cars are blessed with a power output of more than 250hp, therefore, they are safe in this respect. That is the reason why Indians mostly prefer FWD mode and there is a long range of products available in this genre.

Front wheel drive system
Front wheel drive system

FWD option offers much more flexibility and ease to new as well as experienced drivers. The cars with this option have a relatively simpler manufacturing process since the distance between steering and wheels is not too much. This means lesser parts over assembly line, lesser quality checks, and less requirement of human force. Also, new cars with FWD option are lighter in weight and economical to users. We have complied here a list of top ten front wheel drive cars in India that are much in demand at the moment. Have a look:

  1. Mauti Suzuki Alto

  2. Chevrolet Beat

  3. Hyundai Verna

  4. Hyundai i10

  5. Honda City

  6. Honda Civic

  7. Toyota Corolla

  8. Mitsubishi Outlander

  9. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

  10. Volvo S40

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