Zenn Electric Cars Making Headlines As Eco-Friendly Options

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Green cars in India have become quite popular in the modern generation due to the extreme pollution caused by conventional vehicles. A new category of vehicles was introduced under the name LSV, or the Low Speed Vehicle. Initially, no one paid much attention to this category of vehicles as there was no dearth of options in the petrol and diesel category. However, moving forward, as the resources started reducing and the world became more and more aware of the harm caused by petrol variants, the concept of these eco-friendly cars became more popular. These fuel-efficient cars in India is expanding rapidly and finding a wide space in the modern generation. Electric cars in India have become immensely popular and one name has become globally known; ZENN, which stands for Zero Emissions, No Noise.

Zenn electric car
Zenn electric car

This French Microcar MC-2 is sold with a diesel or a gasoline engine and has become extremely popular in the world of fuel-efficient cars. The car is imported by ZEN Motor Company and was first put to use in 2000. The car runs on a 30 hp electric motor and has six sealed lead-acid batteries. Among these batteries, two are placed right up front under the hood and four in the rear positions beneath the hatchback. The ZENN car is quite spacious but on the other hand is slightly narrow. The ZENN can reach up to a maximum of 25 miles per hour. It has a per-charge range of around 35 miles, which reduces slightly when the air conditioner is switched on. Jason Browell said, “Some owners turn on the air while it’s still plugged in and cool off the vehicle and then you can limit the use of the air.” BENN has almost 22 per cent representation in Florida.

ZENN is quite similar to the Fortwo in respect of riding ease and handling. The time to recharge the batteries is approximately four hours for 80 per cent capacity. However, it takes eight hours to fully charge the battery. ZENN has definitely led the pack of eco-friendly cars around the globe. The ride is not as comfortable as expected, but the model has definitely made some ripples around. Electric cars in India have become quite popular and it is sure that ZENN will be able to make that impact.

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