Which One Will You Go For: Electric Car Or Start-Stop Batteries?

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What Are Start-Stop Batteries?

Start-stop batteries utilize internal combustion motors with most advanced functionality. In plain words, the start-stop system puts the engine on sleep mode when car stands idle and brings it back to motion as driver’s foot gets away from brake pedal. When engine goes to sleep mode, active electrical systems like audio player, AC, lights, etc. derive power from car’s lead-acid battery rather than the power mill. When the car kicks back to motion it is the battery that offers power for restart than the engine. This greatly helps in saving fuel and increasing efficiency of vehicle. Statistically, vehicles using start-stop systems proved to be 5 per cent more fuel efficient than the regular ones. Drivers too find it easy as these types of batteries have minimal effect over their driving style as compared to electric and hybrid vehicles. And last but not the least, addition of a start-stop battery to an internal combustion engine is much easier and inexpensive. It also aids in reducing carbon emissions and effortlessly meets fuel saving targets.

How Different Are Electric Cars From Start-Stop Systems?

All car engines whether gas, gasoline, electric, or hydrogen are energy conversion systems. The electric car motor is also an energy conversion system that modifies stored energy into mechanical energy through an electromagnetic channel. The best thing about this is zero emissions, no combustion, and safe environment which is not an option with lead-acid batteries whether they are equipped with start-stop system or not. But there are some other side-effects attached with these types of vehicles. One, they have very short driving range which is the biggest obstruction in their success. Two, longer recharging periods and expensive electricity charges might not favor your pocket like the regular cars. Three, the driving experience may or may not be that comfortable like the regular ones. So, before you choose any of the two options, better do your home work over pros and cons of your car battery selection and see if you would be able to cope with them or not.

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