Volvos XC90 Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid

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The 2016 Volvo XC90 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid is one of the first vehicles to don unmatched electrification compatibility. It is a full-size luxury SUV that comes with a generously sized cabin, extended cargo space, three rows of seats, and an ability to accommodate seven passengers in one go. An AWD SUV, it is one of the best hybrid cars to sport an amazing blend of performance and efficiency. Though, the car maker is yet to confirm its official efficiency in figures, sources claims that it bears an ability to achieve a range of 59MPGe only with its electric motor.

Volvos xc90 twin engine plug-in hybrid
Volvos xc90 twin engine plug-in hybrid

Beneath the hood, the green car carries a twin-charged, 4-pot engine that churns 318hp against 295-lb-ft. the engine aptly melds with an 8-speed automatic transmission. As expected from a power train of this level, it gets accompanied by a start-stop technology that aids in its ultimate mission of fuel saving. The hybrid car also bears a large sized oil pump that keeps the system lubricated when it runs on electric mode and speeds up pressure build-up when driving mode shifts from electric to regular mode. There are a number of other systems that work hand-in-hand to enhance its fuel efficiency such as an electric water pump for heat management, consistently varying valve timing, camshaft ball bearings with lower-friction, etc.

The Volvo XC90 twin-engine plug-in hybrid’s electric mode of driving is handled by a 60Kw motor installed over its rear axle that produces 82hp along with a peak torque of 177 lb-ft. A 34-kW generator mounted over camshaft works constantly to support three main functions: 1) generate electricity, 2) deliver additional torque of 111 lb-ft as per requirement, and 3) enable smooth transition from one driving mode to another. The central tunnel too bears a small 9.2-kWh battery that offers a lower center of gravity and generous interior room. It bears an amazing ability to churn power worth 65-kW in one go.

This Volvo car has been bestowed with five driving modes that can be selected by scrolling a large touch screen display over car’s dashboard. The five modes include a Hybrid mode, Pure Electric Mode, Power Boost Mode, AWD, and Save mode. For driver and passenger’s convenience, the XC90’s power train and battery can be acclimatized to weather conditions from the car itself or by using a Volvo On Call smart phone app.

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