Types Of Green Cars

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With the launch of green cars in India, the matter has become quite a subject of debate in the modern generation. With extensive pollution affecting the entire globe, the automobile industry has woken up to the fact that eco-friendly cars are absolutely necessary for people in India. Definitely, the need of fuel-efficient cars goes hand in hand with the necessity to eradicate pollution. As a result, a number of types of green cars have since then evolved to replace the normal petrol and diesel counterparts. With these models in the market, it seems that green cars will be able to replace all petrol and diesel variants within a few decades.

Types of green cars
Types of green cars

The first type of green cars that comes to our notice is the hybrid cars. This is the best among all other types because of the fact that this model runs on an electric motor apart from the basic combustion engine. The utilisation of basic combustion engine releases a number of toxic wastes, which might alternatively cause a lot of damage to the environment. Though not all hybrid cars are equal; however, the basic concept remains the same. Though the fact that electricity cannot be a continuous and only supply of fuel for the carat all places, it might work as an alternative option in the future.

Series hybrids are another type of green vehicles, which probably rely on electric engines more than any other type of green car. On the contrary, these cars rely on the internal combustion engine only during two circumstances – during long journeys, when the battery runs out of power or when the internal engine is utilised to recharge battery packs.

Parallel hybrids are capable of running both on petrol as well as electric motors. Not only does this give the car an option to run on both types of fuels, but also allows the customers to switch according to their liking. This has given the customers a wider range of options as the car can run on petrol and electric engine simultaneously. Definitely, there are a range of options when it comes to green cars in India. Customers can opt for eco-friendly cars, which can be beneficial to the environment as well as be fuel-efficient at the same time. 

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