Renault Kangoo ZE

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Eco friendly vehicles are easy to maintain and more efficient than the internal combustion-engined vehicles. However, they have their limitations too.

Renault kangoo ze
Renault kangoo ze

With an aim to promote green cars in India, the government of India announced the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 in January 2013. Under this scheme, the government is planning to develop 6-7 million electric cars by 2020.

Recently, the new Indian government allocated a budget of Rs. 75 crore for electric vehicles and also announced subsidy on all green cars in India.  This will help reduce our dependency on non-renewable fuel and control global warning and pollution. Major automakers, these days, are working on the green technology for developing efficient and zero-emissions vehicles. However, the French carmaker - Renault - has already launched a range of electric vehicles with lowest average CO2 emission.

The Kangoo ZE is one of the electric Renault cars developed under the company’s ZE (Zero Emission) program. It’s a van-based five-seater MPV (Multi Utility Vehicle) with ample luggage bay (2, 600-litres). The van is powered with an electric motor, offering a power output of 59bhp with a peak torque of 167lb.ft. The batteries, placed in the centre, take 6 – 8 hours to get fully charged through a 220v 16a external socket.

The Renault kangoo ZE offers a top speed of 70mph (112km/h) and a range of 100 miles (160kms). The range can be monitored through an MMI (Man machine interface) display screen that also informs about the remaining battery charge and average energy consumption. The instant throttle and steering response make it a fun-to-drive car.

There is slight humming noise under hard acceleration, but that’s acceptable. The exterior styling is boxy and simple, since it’s based on a van. Interior is quite spacious for both front and rear seats passengers. It’s one of the most practical yet affordable and eco-friendly Renault cars available in Europe. There are plenty of storage compartments and cubby holes. The high seating position offers a great visibility. Both the driver seat and steering wheel are height adjustable.

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