Nissans Rogue Hybrid – A Compact Crossover Concept

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Nissan Rogue hybrid – a blissful outcome of Renault-Nissan partnership - is expected to foray in crossover segment soon. For the starters, it will be entering US market under Nissan’s lineup of hybrid vehicles. An official word about this vehicle is yet to come but a wave of excitement can be seen hitting Nissan’s US officials as well as other motor enthusiasts. At present, Rogue is the second-best selling Nissan car, and since debuting of hybrid vehicles is in vogue, it wouldn’t be unsafe to expect a hybrid version of this car hitting markets soon.

Nissan rogue hybrid – a compact crossover concept
Nissan rogue hybrid – a compact crossover concept

If this happens, it is pretty obvious that Nissan’s Rogue hybrid will be sharing its power mill with its co-platform bearer X-Trail hybrid. X-Trail hybrid, at the moment, gets propelled by a standard twin motor system. The first one charges the lithium-ion battery while the other one acts like a traction motor that pulls down power. Nissan has bestowed this vehicle with a 2.0-litre 145hp, four pot, engine that couples with a 40-hp electric motor to yield a standard mileage of 47mpg. It is yet to be confirmed how the maker is going to pull that but whenever it does, it will be a welcome move. Its current hybrid Pathfinder is known for delivering a mileage figure of 27mpg over highways.

With the rising fuel prices, Nissan’s new car models can bring a considerable difference to market scenario. The company can nail the position of being biggest or most versatile hybrid vehicles producer. Leaf, it pure electric car, is presently leading its segment with fairly good trade figures. It wouldn’t be a surprise if X-Trail and Rogue follow the same trend. And as far as economies are concerned, Nissan Rogue’s price figures are expected to be a path breaker just like its other models.

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