Hydrogen Powered Cars From Hyundai

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Hyundai cars are everywhere. From tiny hatchbacks to luxury sedans and full-sized SUV’s, the Korean manufacturer makes and sells them all. It has come a long way too. During the initial days, customers and industry folk alike mentioned how their cars left a lot to be desired. But the Korean giant kept at it, slowly refining and improving upon their products.

Hydrogen fuel celled vehicle
Hydrogen fuel celled vehicle

Today, the Hyundai badge has come to signify a highly evolved offering that can match up (and sometimes surpass) some of the best that the rest of the automotive world can offer. Which is why, it isn’t surprising at all to know that the South Korean manufacturer is focussed on alternate fuelled vehicles in the future. The day isn’t far when hydrogen powered cars from Hyundai will be as ubiquitous as their fossil fuelled ones. 

Hyundai is betting big on hydrogen as the fuel of the future. The company claims that despite less than expected market response, the hydrogen fuel celled vehicles (HFCV’s) will eventually emerge as a better alternative to eco-friendly vehicles. The company therefore remains bullish despite the fact that it could sell/lease roughly a third of the 1000 such units that it had produced.

This less-than-stellar sales performance is a marked difference from the usual Hyundai cars, which literally fly off the showroom floor in some markets. Part of the reason behind this could be the fact that HFCV’s are priced prohibitively at the moment, despite receiving the necessary support in terms of government rebates & other financial benefits for buyers. Another angle to this is the lack of fuelling infrastructure.

The company however, remains bullish over the long term viability of hydrogen powered cars from Hyundai proving the answer to the world’s private transportation solution. To further bolster this view, the company has committed over 10 billion dollars towards the research and development of alternate fuelled vehicles.

According to sources close to the Korean auto-manufacturer, it believes that the lower competition for HFCV’s is only the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to these vehicles being the better choice. Not After all, not only do they better performance vis-à-vis electric vehicles, but there is also greater flexibility in terms of hardware packaging as well as designing the vehicles. Which is why; the company shall continue its efforts in the direction of products like the Hyundai Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell variant and give customers a taste of the future.

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