How Green Cars Can Save Your Money?

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In wake of present climate crisis and highly fluctuating fuel prices, there are many who are looking for alternative ways of commutation. The trend of buying eco-friendly car has gained momentum in last few years. Also, the wildly differentiating fuel prices have compelled people to look for alternative fuel based vehicles and there is a certain degree by which each of our vehicles have turned into green cars. All the cars that we drive most of them now follow emission norms and even authorities have started charging those vehicles that emit more than permissible levels of harmful gases. There is an increasing chunk of population that now wishes to adapt to CNG & LPG kits, hybrids, and electric power trains. How green cars save your money along with environment? Well, for the starters, these are alternative fuel options that are often available in abundance in nature, so overall running cost of vehicle has to go down under any case.

How green cars can save your money
How green cars can save your money

Next, cars with lower emission are propelled by relatively advance technology based engines which means yield higher fuel efficiency. Do you know that a green car powered by hydrogen fuel cell can cover a distance of 500km in one go. The initial installation might be high but are compensated easily in a long run. The most common green cars seen on roads these days are the hybrid cars. These vehicles mainly run on a combination of petrol engines and electric motors. The well known examples of these types of new cars are Toyota Prius and Lexus CT.

To bring more and more green vehicles in practice, governments have been offering subsidies and tax concessions in several nations. For e.g. in UK, a car that emits less than hundred grams of CO2 per kilometer gets exempted from vehicle excise duty and road tax. It helps people in saving more than 200 British Pounds per annum. Another specific benefit of green cars lies in insurances. There are several insurance companies that are offering cheaper motor insurance deals and less premiums to eco-friendly car owners.  Although, most of these practices are followed in UK, US, and other European nations, there are certain eco-friendly habits developing among Indian car buyers.  But how far people are willing to change their habits and adapt to new changes that is tale that only time will tell.

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