Fiat 500e: Another Famous Green Car

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The world is waking up to green cars in the last few years with the growing concern over pollution issues. As a result, most renowned manufacturers around the world are striving to introduce more and more eco-friendly models in the industry. This has popularised the concept of fuel-efficient cars in the world. Fiat cars are known to be among the most innovative as well as technologically sound. Fiat 500e is one of the most popular eco-friendly models of this world renowned brand. Let us look into the deeper aspects of this car, which has led the pack of eco-friendly cars from Fiat.

Fiat 500e
Fiat 500e

The engine of Fiat 500e is totally electric and comprises three components – a high performance electric drive motor, a power inverter module and a high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack. The engine works somewhat like a fuel pump by a normal conventional gas-charged engine. The fuel is stored in the electricity, which is stored in the pack of the battery of the car.

The car is also well-maintained in case of safety features and comes with seven airbags. Apart from this factor, the car is also provided advanced multi-stage driver as well as front-passenger airbags. Also comes, the driver’s knee airbag and full-length side-curtain airbags. All these features have made the car well-equipped as far as the safety is concerned.  If you are looking to buy this car, you can rest assured about your safety as well as that of your fellow passengers.

Green cars are slowly but steadily becoming popular in the automobile industry. In the event of these cars becoming the talk of the market, the manufacturers are employing their expertise and research methods to improve the quality of these cars. Also, fuel-efficient cars are being introduced to make sure that these become affordable for the enthusiasts and car lovers across the globe. It is expected that the pollution level will be reduced riding high on these green car models.

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