Chevrolet FNR Concept

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Almost every one of us wish for those super-awesome batmobiles whenever we watch Christian Bale saving the day in the Batman series.  Well, if your fantasies have been somewhat near this, then your wait is almost over. The American car maker, Chevrolet, recently showcased the FNR concept recently which looks like a raging dragonfly riding on roller skates in the most beautiful manner. It’s a masterpiece that bestows new definition to the concept of “magnificent beast” with an extra perk: an autonomous driving mode.

Chevrolet fnr concept
Chevrolet fnr concept

This Chevy car has been denoted with the title of “mobility future” and no one can agree less when future is so perfect. Right from its curves, angles, hollow-centric wheels, to double-bubble cabin, there isn’t a single thing that you wouldn’t fall for. And the coolest thing about it is its electric battery. As you scan through its specs it feels like a Hot Wheels car coming to life in front of you. Ever imagined to ride in a car with Crystal laser headlights, retinal security system, “Dragonfly” doors, gesture control, and what not?

The Chevrolet FNR concept car utilizes roof-mounted radar along with perimeter sensors that check their surroundings for enabling driverless operations. It is all controlled by Chevy’s Intelligent Assistant software that selects most suitable roadmap for your destination while you sip your coffee and check your to-do list for the day. Chevy self driving car concept aims towards creating a unique and intelligent vehicle for upcoming generations. And that is not all, Chevy’s FNR concept car will allow you to hold the steering as and when you want. All you will be required to do is disable the autonomous driving mode and resume manual control over it. Now that’s heart touching given the fact that a super car like this would deserve to be driven by real life heroes every once in a while.

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