Can Your Green Car Get Powered By Corn Based Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

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Now this some serious breakthrough that can literally storm the green car industry. A tech group in Virginia has recently been able to derive hydrogen gas from corn waste. Though, the research is still incomplete and a lot more is yet to be discovered, there exists a huge possibility that our new cars  will be powered by corn powered hydrogen fuel cells. But you may have to wait for sometime as there are equations that still need to be sort out.

Corn stover
Corn stover

This research team used corn stover like cobs, husks, and stalks to yield a mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The hydrogen discovered in this combination could be easily implemented in fuel cells used for propelling green cars. The car powered by this technique will be 100% emission free cars. The inculcation of hydrogen cells in new cars will speed up the present day conversion rate which will allow each hydrogen-filling station to have its own hydrogen producing facility.

Thus, hydrogen production will be more of a localized affair compared to oil and gasoline. However, like all other stories, this one too comes with a twist. Usage of hydrogen cells and corn based fuel is under debate for a long time. There are some think tanks that doubt the quality of ethanol produced in the process and the impact it will bear on food stock. In a country like ours, where food stock is already a problem, consumption of corn waste in fuel production may lead to some other issues.

It is also a little difficult to predict anything about how much the production of corn based hydrogen fuel cells will cost. But the process is unique in its own way, unlike other hydrogen yielding processes, this one uses bio-waste and not highly processed sugars. So, yes, there are chances it will be relatively cheaper compared to other means.  

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