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Ravindra Jadeja, an astounding sportsman, is also known as cricket rockstar for his unmatched prowess in all fields of crickets. Be it batting, bowling, or fielding, his team can rely on him for anything blindfolded. However, here we are discussing his expertise in one more field that is the field of wheels and speed. The man is known for his hard-core affection for all kind of commutation mediums be it horses, bikes, or cars. The man has an amazing fleet of cars that consists of Hyundai Accent, Audi A4, and the latest Audi Q5. The last one was recently purchased and the man’s passion for it quite visible from the fact that he drives it everywhere around the town.

Ravindra Jadeja and audi q5
Ravindra Jadeja and audi q5

Audi Q5 belongs to the league of most adored celebrity cars in India. Available in a price bracket of Rs.40.42 – Rs.49.46 lakhs, the luxury SUV can be availed in three trims in India. Powered by a 2.0-litre TDI Quattro and 2.0-litre TFSI Quattro, it offers a mind blowing mileage of 14kmpl. The SUV maintains a perfect balance between size and comfort for being positioned between mini Q3 and large Q7. One of the best performing Audi cars in India, it smoothly sails through all kind of rough urban traffics.

There are a number of products in Indian market that keep making noise for attention. Audi Q5, on the contrary, speaks a completely different story. You wouldn’t know a thing about its qualities unless you take a test drive and take it for a long drive. A simple but effective styling, it propels over a comparatively powerful row of engines that offer a decent fuel economy. The interiors, comfort, and luxury of this vehicle leave a powerful imprint of its maker. It is also a winner in terms of stability and safety.

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