Valuable Tips To Maintain Your Diesel Car

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Thanks to the fuel-pricing strategies in the country, diesel has become the fuel of choice when it comes to purchasing a car. Until some years ago, the cheaper priced fuel was the only reason why one chose a diesel car over its petrol counterpart. However, thanks to the technological advancements made by car manufacturers, the reasons today, go beyond fuel prices alone.

Valuable tips to maintain your diesel car
Valuable tips to maintain your diesel car

Thanks to their inherent nature, diesel cars offer better performance, increased reliability and greater fuel efficiency than their petrol variants. It is therefore no surprise to see them do exceedingly well in the Indian market. However, the question of diesel engine maintenance still remains a critical area of concern.

Today’s diesel engines are technologically advanced, high-tech assemblies that are engineered to tight-tolerances. Owners should therefore be well-versed on how to maintain a diesel car in India.

Most diesel cars on sale today happen to be turbocharged units. Due to the extremely high speeds at which the turbine inside spins during operation, they also tend to generate a lot of heat. To ensure longevity of the turbocharger, experienced people in the art of diesel engine maintenance advice the following of proper idling practices upon start-up and before powering down.

Among other car care tips, one must always ensure that there’s sufficient fuel in the tank at all times. Present day engines run on high pressure fuel systems and allowing the tank to run beyond prescribed levels increases the chances of an air-lock.

While every car must be maintained at regular intervals, timely oil changes and other periodic maintenance routines are a non-negotiable part of diesel car maintenance if one wishes to enjoy a trouble-free ownership experience. Always change the oil as per manufacturer prescribed timeframes or before that even, depending on the driving conditions.

The fuel injectors in today’s high-pressure diesel engines are highly susceptible to the quality of fuel passing through them. Apart from tanking up at trusted fuel bunks, one must also pay heed to the manufacturer prescribed tips on diesel engine maintenance for their respective car. While injector cleaning fluids are not usually needed, they could become a necessity if the conditions are particularly adverse.

That then was a brief roundup on valuable tips to maintain a diesel car in India. Do let us know if you follow them too. You could also add in with a few from your side. Simply hit up the comments below and let us know.

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