Tips On Hiring The Right Car

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Trips often get more expensive than the estimation, especially when you rent or hire cars in India. Most people have misconception that renting a car is same as the shopping for grocery, and wasting time to search for better option. It’s one of the reasons your trip becomes expensive and troublesome. However, you can get the best budget deal and enjoy your trip by following these tips.

Tips on Hiring the Right Car
Tips on Hiring the Right Car

Car Renting Tips

Choose a right vehicle: Be clear with your requirements such as what kind of vehicle will solve your purpose? Which model you will need? For example – if you are travelling with family and carrying big luggage, then a SUV or a large sedan with ample boot space will suit you the best. If you are limited with the budget, go for a mini SUV or small models.

Go for brand name: Always go for a popular car brand or a known car rental independent agencies. It will ensure better and safe services at affordable prices. There are various big national chains and agencies offering car hire or rental services. For boosting brand recognition, most companies provide luxury cars on rent such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen etc.

Search for virtual discounts: Most major car rental agencies and companies offer discounts and promotional coupons for their customers and registered members. This will help you book cars at fairly low prices.

Compare prices: Track and compare prices on a travel or rental agencies website. This will ensure you to get the best deal and save money.

Understanding your rental: Read the terms and conditions carefully, while booking online and confirming car reservation. Ask about inter-state travelling restrictions or special conditions, if you are booking through an agent over phone. Make sure to get a confirmation number, especially for airport rentals. Give your flight number, scheduled arrival time and other details to the customer service representative, so that he/she can save your reservation, if your flight gets delayed.

Book early : Early car booking provides flexibility, since you get more options in different price slabs. You can search well, check for available cars and better rates. Arrive on time, while returning the hired car. As a few minutes delay might cost you an additional day and extra charges.

Beware of hidden charges: Always check or ask for hidden charges. Major car rental agencies, however, are more transparent about their rental charges. Most of them provide your total rental cost that includes estimated state or local taxes, charges, insurance, additional driver fees, drop-off charges, fuel bills etc.

Avoid the airport: If you hire a car from airport location, it might cost you 30% higher or more. Off-airport locations, usually, are cheaper than the airport location. You can easily hire cars in India from any off-airport locations.

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